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CA-17.com pulls together available road conditions data in one convenient location that's easy to grok.


Driving Highwyay SR-17 every day is bad enough but when conditions aren't good knowing if and when to go becomes really important. While maps are nice and all, I already know where I'm going and simply don't need a map. Instead I'd like to know what the various on/off ramps that I use actually look like or I'd like to know if the metering lights are on. I'd like to know if it's raining or wet on 17 or if the CalTrans signs are displaying accident information before I get there or if there is construction going on. When there's an accident I'd like to know what the state of the various back roads are and whether or not they would save me time.

Did you know Waze monitors the CHP incidents feed and includes them in their App? That's the "Reported by CHP" alerts you'll see. Well, turns out CHP provides a lot more data like number of lanes blocked, severity of accident(s), and more importantly all clear information but Waze doesn't include any of that. That leaves road warriors to look to the CHP Incident site (which is awesome but terrible on mobile phone) or a walled garden Facebook Group page or Twitter thanks to @TrafficOn17, @CaltransD5, @CaltransD4, or 511.org. But again, all that's too much! I wanted one page with my commute that updates morning and evening and throws in the weather when the road is going to be wet so I built it.

Compare what you get on Waze vs. what CHP provides. It's no contest. Below was a real incident and Caltrans sign.




    Mount Hermon Rd Scotts Valley

  • 17


    Sr17 N / Redwood Estates Ofr

    North bound 17 just North of SUMMIT - San Jose

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  • 17




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