CalTrans Cameras for District 10

Updated Sep 18, 2020  

See broken Caltrans CCTV?

Ask CalTrans to get it fixed, they actually reply!! Everything you need to fill out the Service Request is provided below, browse to the CalTrans Customer Service Request page and fill in the following:
  1. Situation Type: Select "Traffic Cameras"
  2. Map Location of Concern: Copy/paste the provided (lat,lng)
  3. Direction of Travel: Use Direction specified above photo
  4. Nearest Cross Stree: Use street provided for the specific camera
  5. Date: Today's date
  6. Time: Time you noticed issue
  7. Please describe nature of situation: CCTV camera is not functioning properly.
  8. Please describe geographic location of the situation: Copy/Paste the text above the camera photo.
  9. Submit request!

D: 10 Idx:3: SB I-5 Junction SR 120 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.78955,-121.30189 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:4: NB I-5 Church Street in San Joaquin
Location: 37.94567,-121.2986 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:5: SB I-5 North Of SR 4 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.95067,-121.30528 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:7: SB SR 99 North Of SR 120 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.79376,-121.19062 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:9: SB SR 99 South Of Waterloo in San Joaquin
Location: 37.97975,-121.25003 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:10: NB I-5 North of Tracy 11th St in San Joaquin
Location: 37.76197,-121.33849 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:11: NB I-5 Westley Rest Stop in Stanislaus
Location: 37.58163,-121.32081 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:12: EB I-580 W/O Flynn Road in Alameda
Location: 37.71856,-121.67083 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:14: NB SR 99 South of Faith Home Rd in Stanislaus
Location: 37.55603,-120.91585 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:15: NB SR-99 N/O Lathrop Road OC in San Joaquin
Location: 37.83667,-121.21751 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:16: NB SR-99 S/O French Camp Road in San Joaquin
Location: 37.84743,-121.21804 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:17: SB SR-99 N/O SR- 59/MLK Blvd in Merced
Location: 37.29878,-120.48915 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:18: NB SR 99 South Of Merced Cnty Line in Merced
Location: 37.46322,-120.82124 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:19: NB SR 99 South of Sultana Drive in Merced
Location: 37.37426,-120.68083 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:20: NB SR 99 Before Milgeo Avenue OC in San Joaquin
Location: 37.74673,-121.13315 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:21: NB SR 99 Morada in San Joaquin
Location: 38.045,-121.25839 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:22: SB SR-99 N/O Golden Gate Ave in San Joaquin
Location: 37.950541 ,-121.237772 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:23: SB SR 99 SO Armstrong Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 38.08409,-121.26022 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:24: SB 99 N/O Wilson Way in San Joaquin
Location: 38.01014,-121.25827 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:26: EB SR 120 Main Street Manteca in San Joaquin
Location: 37.78311,-121.21739 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:27: NB SR 99 NO Fremont in San Joaquin
Location: 37.97362,-121.24712 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:28: NB I-5 South Of SR120 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.78013,-121.31406 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:30: SB SR 99 Griffith Road OC in Merced
Location: 37.459979,-120.814329 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:31: NB SR 99 South of Hatch Road in Stanislaus
Location: 37.60444,-120.97124 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:32: SB SR 99 Kiernan Avenue in Stanislaus
Location: 37.71521,-121.09224 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:33: WB I-205 East of MacArthur Drive in San Joaquin
Location: 37.76474,-121.41308 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:34: EB I-205 E/O Banta OH in San Joaquin
Location: 37.76472,-121.36032 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:35: EB SR 140 Mariposa in Mariposa
Location: 37.49408,-119.9731 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:36: EB SR 140 Midpines in Mariposa
Location: 37.57784,-119.95044 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:37: SB SR 99 North of Westside Blvd in Merced
Location: 37.36499,-120.66164 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:38: EB I-205 E/O Mountain House Parkway in San Joaquin
Location: 37.74105,-121.51305 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:39: EB I-205 West of Tracy Blvd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.76057,-121.44672 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:40: SB SR 99 Austin Road in San Joaquin
Location: 37.76682,-121.16804 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:41: EB I-205 East Banta RWIS in San Joaquin
Location: 37.76541,-121.34643 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:43: NB SR-219/Kiernan Ave in Stanislaus
Location: 37.70899,-121.08166 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:44: EB I-205 Grant Line Rd RWIS in San Joaquin
Location: 37.751807,-121.469703 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:45: EB I-205 E/O Mountain House Pkwy RWIS in San Joaquin
Location: 37.74107,-121.51353 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:46: WB I-205 MacArthur Drive RWIS in San Joaquin
Location: 37.763253,-121.425514 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:47: EB SR-12 Tower Park RWIS in San Joaquin
Location: 38.11525,-121.48523 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:48: EB SR 12 Brannan Island Rd RWIS in Sacramento
Location: 38.1282,-121.58556 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:49: EB SR-12 Jct SR-160 RWIS in Sacramento
Location: 38.15455,-121.67549 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:50: NB SR-99 Westside Blvd RWIS in Merced
Location: 37.362507,-120.653396 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:51: NB SR-99 Milgeo Ave RWIS in San Joaquin
Location: 37.74653,-121.13275 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:53: EB SR-152 San Luis Reservoir in Merced
Location: 37.06207,-121.06008 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:54: NB SR-99 Mission Avenue RWIS in Merced
Location: 37.262665,-120.424839 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:55: NB SR-99 Turlock Rest Stop RWIS in Stanislaus
Location: 37.46461,-120.82486 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:56: SB SR-99 Livingston RWIS in Merced
Location: 37.37463,-120.6834 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:57: NB SR-99 Faith Home Rd RWIS in Stanislaus
Location: 37.55958,-120.91989 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:58: WB SR 12 E/O I-5 in San Joaquin
Location: 38.11625,-121.37615 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:59: SB I-5 S/O Peltier Road in San Joaquin
Location: 38.16783,-121.40004 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:60: NB I-5 N/O Hammer Lane in San Joaquin
Location: 38.03179,-121.36366 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:63: NB I-5 S/O Charter Way in San Joaquin
Location: 37.93554,-121.29706 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:64: NB SR-99 S/O Le Grand Rd RWIS in Merced
Location: 37.2131,-120.36266 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:65: NB SR-99 S/O Mariposa Way RWIS in Merced
Location: 37.24494,-120.40295 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:66: NB SR-99 N/O Deadman's Creek in Merced
Location: 37.20795,-120.35643 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:67: NB SR-99 S/O Le Grand Rd in Merced
Location: 37.21889,-120.36848 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:69: SB SR-99 S/O Mariposa Creek in Merced
Location: 37.24918,-120.40916 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:70: NB I-5 S/O French Camp Road in San Joaquin
Location: 37.890756,-121.281203 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:73: EB SR-152 W/O Casa de Fruta in Santa Clara
Location: 36.97718,-121.38092 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:76: SB SR-99 N/O Louise Ave in San Joaquin
Location: 37.812354,-121.205386 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:77: SB SR-99 N/O French Camp Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.87783,-121.22012 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:78: EB SR-219 W/O Morrow Road in Stanislaus
Location: 37.7113,-121.03818 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:79: WB SR 219 Pentecost Dr in Stanislaus
Location: 37.71134,-121.00101 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:80: NB SR-99 S/O SR-120 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.77865,-121.18401 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:82: NB SR-99 S/O Buchanan Hollow Rd RWIS in Merced
Location: 37.19752,-120.34333 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:83: NB SR-99 Chowchilla Weigh Station in Merced
Location: 37.15954,-120.29838 Direction:

D: 10 Idx:85: NB SR-99 S/O Buchanan Hollow Rd in Merced
Location: 37.19752,-120.34332 Direction:

D: 10 Idx:86: NB SR-99 N/O Harvey Pettit Rd in Merced
Location: 37.18166,-120.32208 Direction:

D: 10 Idx:87: NB SR-99 S/O SR-219/Kiernan Ave in Stanislaus
Location: 37.70364,-121.07453 Direction:

D: 10 Idx:88: SB SR-99 N/O Buhach Rd in Merced
Location: 37.33376,-120.57656 Direction:

D: 10 Idx:89: NB SR-99 S/O Atwater-Merced Expwy in Merced
Location: 37.32835,-120.56064 Direction:

D: 10 Idx:90: EB SR-152 Dinosaur Point in Santa Clara
Location: 37.06721,-121.21605 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:91: SB SR 99 Pelandale Ave in Stanislaus
Location: 37.699394,-121.07344 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:92: NB I-5 Monte Diablo Ave in San Joaquin
Location: 37.95649,-121.32565 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:93: NB I-5 March Lane in San Joaquin
Location: 37.98584,-121.34361 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:95: SB SR-99 Taylor Rd in Stanislaus
Location: 37.54251,-120.89897 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:96: NB SR 99 Keyes Rd in Stanislaus
Location: 37.549742,-120.90847 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:98: NB SR 99 Whitmore Ave in Stanislaus
Location: 37.593685,-120.959286 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:99: SB SR 99 Crows Landing Rd in Stanislaus
Location: 37.617484,-120.990995 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:100: SB SR 99 5th St in Stanislaus
Location: 37.632156,-120.998645 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:101: NB SR 99 Kansas Ave in Stanislaus
Location: 37.644575,-121.014578 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:102: NB SR 99 Briggsmore Ave in Stanislaus
Location: 37.667171,-121.032955 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:103: NB SR 99 Beckwith Ave in Stanislaus
Location: 37.685875,-121.056196 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:104: NB SR 99 Hammett Rd in Stanislaus
Location: 37.727363,-121.105533 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:105: NB I-5 Del Puerto Canyon Rd in Stanislaus
Location: 37.465522,-121.182227 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:106: EB SR 120 Yosemite Ave in San Joaquin
Location: 37.787652,-121.280874 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:107: NB SR 99 Waterloo Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.983417,-121.24988 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:108: SB SR 99 Cherokee Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.99103,-121.25273 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:109: SB SR 99 Waterloo Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.983254,-121.250562 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:110: SB SR 99 Hammer Lane in San Joaquin
Location: 38.022044,-121.258469 Direction: South

D: 10 Idx:111: EB I-205 at Jct I-580 in Alameda
Location: 37.742024,-121.569498 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:112: NB 99 S/O SR 4 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.95964,-121.24089 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:113: WB 580 Hanson Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.726483,-121.543063 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:114: EB I-580 Valpico Rd UC in San Joaquin
Location: 37.68018,-121.47082 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:115: EB 580 W/O Patterson Pass in San Joaquin
Location: 37.72559,-121.54246 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:116: WB 580 Bird Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.62061,-121.37188 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:117: WB 580 Corral Hollow Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.67234,-121.45675 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:118: WB 580 W/O SR 132 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.64279,-121.40813 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:119: WB 580 Chrisman Rd OC in San Joaquin
Location: 37.63631,-121.39749 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:120: NB SR 99 Tuolumne Blvd in Stanislaus
Location: 37.626919,-120.996771 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:121: NB SR 99 16th St in Merced
Location: 37.305011,-120.50562 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:122: WB 4 Wilson Way in San Joaquin
Location: 37.95254,-121.27551 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:125: NB 99 Service Rd in Stanislaus
Location: 37.580241,-120.944037 Direction: North

D: 10 Idx:126: EB SR 120 Calla Rd in San Joaquin
Location: 37.797571,-121.165708 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:127: WB 132 E/O I-5 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.6384120,-121.3123000 Direction: West

D: 10 Idx:128: EB 132 W/O SR 33 in San Joaquin
Location: 37.6375120,-121.1481100 Direction: East

D: 10 Idx:129: Ferretti Rd Groveland in Tuolumne
Location: 37.83982,-120.22456 Direction: East