CalTrans Cameras for District 2

Updated Nov 27, 2020  

See broken Caltrans CCTV?

Ask CalTrans to get it fixed, they actually reply!! Everything you need to fill out the Service Request is provided below, browse to the CalTrans Customer Service Request page and fill in the following:
  1. Situation Type: Select "Traffic Cameras"
  2. Map Location of Concern: Copy/paste the provided (lat,lng)
  3. Direction of Travel: Use Direction specified above photo
  4. Nearest Cross Stree: Use street provided for the specific camera
  5. Date: Today's date
  6. Time: Time you noticed issue
  7. Please describe nature of situation: CCTV camera is not functioning properly.
  8. Please describe geographic location of the situation: Copy/Paste the text above the camera photo.
  9. Submit request!

D: 2 Idx:1: Abrams Lake NB in Siskiyou
Location: 41.34496,-122.34276 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:2: Anderson Grade in Siskiyou
Location: 41.79255,-122.58937 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:3: Antlers Bridge in Shasta
Location: 40.88504,-122.38379 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:5: BassMtn in Shasta
Location: 40.73272,-122.36731 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:6: Black Butte in Siskiyou
Location: 41.35411,-122.3559 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:10: Central Yreka in Siskiyou
Location: 41.73425,-122.63091 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:11: Deschutes in Shasta
Location: 40.43842,-122.28756 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:14: Dunsmuir in Siskiyou
Location: 41.21896,-122.27521 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:18: Fawndale in Shasta
Location: 40.73079,-122.32045 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:23: Hilt Sandhouse in Siskiyou
Location: 41.99278,-122.61086 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:26: I5-SR44 in Shasta
Location: 40.58507,-122.36062 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:27: I5-SR89 in Siskiyou
Location: 41.28481,-122.30222 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:29: La Moine in Shasta
Location: 40.97944,-122.43179 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:31: Lakehead in Shasta
Location: 40.91065,-122.38569 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:33: Mott Rd in Siskiyou
Location: 41.2577,-122.27109 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:35: North Hilt in Siskiyou
Location: 41.99656,-122.60913 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:36: North Weed in Siskiyou
Location: 41.42889,-122.401 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:40: Pine Grove in Shasta
Location: 40.66356,-122.35598 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:41: Pit River Bridge in Shasta
Location: 40.75757,-122.31916 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:42: Red Bluff in Tehama
Location: 40.18061,-122.2257 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:43: Riverside Ave in Shasta
Location: 40.46808,-122.30773 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:44: Sacramento Hill in Shasta
Location: 40.8711,-122.36726 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:45: Salt Creek in Shasta
Location: 40.85514,-122.3436 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:46: Shasta River Bridge in Siskiyou
Location: 41.43889,-122.43281 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:48: Sidehill in Shasta
Location: 40.77984,-122.32062 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:52: South Weed in Siskiyou
Location: 41.40895,-122.37946 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:58: Summit Dr in Siskiyou
Location: 41.37331,-122.37502 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:61: Vollmers in Shasta
Location: 40.94086,-122.42692 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:63: South Yreka in Siskiyou
Location: 41.69672,-122.64069 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:64: Weed Airport in Siskiyou
Location: 41.4743,-122.4529 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:65: Wilcox Rd NB in Tehama
Location: 40.21838,-122.25076 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:66: Wilcox Rd SB in Tehama
Location: 40.21932,-122.25203 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:68: South Bonnyview in Shasta
Location: 40.53828,-122.35132 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:69: Hartnell in Shasta
Location: 40.56389,-122.35934 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:72: Gibson in Shasta
Location: 41.024698,-122.396425 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:73: Pollard Flat in Shasta
Location: 40.993683,-122.42128 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:75: I5-US97 in Siskiyou
Location: 41.42129,-122.38649 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:76: North Red Bluff in Tehama
Location: 40.203355,-122.244166 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:77: Bowman Rd in Tehama
Location: 40.367284,-122.284429 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:79: Jellys Ferry in Tehama
Location: 40.23587,-122.255894 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:80: Cottonwood Truck Scales in Tehama
Location: 40.353143,-122.282354 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:81: Sugarloaf in Shasta
Location: 40.91463,-122.44468 Direction:

D: 2 Idx:82: I5-SR299 in Shasta
Location: 40.61265,-122.36302 Direction: North

D: 2 Idx:83: I5-SR273 in Shasta
Location: 40.63038,-122.36902 Direction: South

D: 2 Idx:85: Collier in Siskiyou
Location: 41.85402,-122.57178 Direction: South