CalTrans Cameras for District 5

Updated Oct 29, 2020  

See broken Caltrans CCTV?

Ask CalTrans to get it fixed, they actually reply!! Everything you need to fill out the Service Request is provided below, browse to the CalTrans Customer Service Request page and fill in the following:
  1. Situation Type: Select "Traffic Cameras"
  2. Map Location of Concern: Copy/paste the provided (lat,lng)
  3. Direction of Travel: Use Direction specified above photo
  4. Nearest Cross Stree: Use street provided for the specific camera
  5. Date: Today's date
  6. Time: Time you noticed issue
  7. Please describe nature of situation: CCTV camera is not functioning properly.
  8. Please describe geographic location of the situation: Copy/Paste the text above the camera photo.
  9. Submit request!

D: 5 Idx:9: US-101 : SR-1 and Bello St in San Luis Obispo
Location: 35.147674,-120.645348 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:20: SR-1 : East of Morrissey Blvd in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.98836,-121.998833 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:21: SR-1 : Emeline Avenue in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.989544,-122.019584 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:22: SR-17 : Fishhook in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.992045,-122.019756 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:23: SR-1 : Ocean Street in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.988023,-122.023243 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:26: SR-17 : Laurel Curves in Santa Cruz
Location: 37.106263,-121.975782 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:27: SR-1 : 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.982871,-121.969751 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:28: SR-1 : Salinas Road in Monterey
Location: 36.869708,-121.769591 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:29: SR-156 West : US-101 in Monterey
Location: 36.789334,-121.667956 Direction: West

D: 5 Idx:35: US-101 : SR-135 Broadway in Santa Barbara
Location: 34.984583,-120.433019 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:38: SR-1 : Sloat Avenue in Monterey
Location: 36.593548,-121.876953 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:39: SR-1 : West of Morrissey Blvd in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.988597,-122.006623 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:40: SR-1 : Larkin Valley Rd in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.960124,-121.861643 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:41: SR-1 : North of Mar Monte Ave in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.955485,-121.856843 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:42: SR-1 : South of Mar Monte Ave in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.94592,-121.845768 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:43: SR-1 : North of Buena Vista Dr in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.935328,-121.824297 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:44: SR-1 : Buena Vista Dr in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.931435,-121.811109 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:45: SR-1 : SR-152 Southbound Exit in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.922851,-121.794652 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:46: SR-1 : Green Valley Rd in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.911436,-121.784709 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:47: SR-1 : SR-129 Southbound Exit in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.89759,-121.776447 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:48: SR-1 : SR-129 Northbound Exit in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.890663,-121.773172 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:49: SR-156 : 4th St / 156 Business Route in San Benito
Location: 36.852362,-121.450934 Direction: East

D: 5 Idx:53: SR-183 : Salinas St in Monterey
Location: 36.677438,-121.655766 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:54: SR-1 : Moss Landing Rd in Monterey
Location: 36.80009,-121.783629 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:55: SR-1 : SR-183 in Monterey
Location: 36.769792,-121.764932 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:56: SR-1 : SR-156 in Monterey
Location: 36.751558,-121.767027 Direction: West

D: 5 Idx:57: SR-1 : North of Del Monte Blvd in Monterey
Location: 36.606591,-121.861318 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:58: SR-1 : SR-68 East in Monterey
Location: 36.594317,-121.870198 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:59: SR-1 : East of Munras Ave in Monterey
Location: 36.582781,-121.896183 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:60: SR-1 : SR-68 West in Monterey
Location: 36.572741,-121.912706 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:61: SR-1 : South of SR-46 West in San Luis Obispo
Location: 35.522257,-121.040973 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:68: SR-156 : The Alameda in San Benito
Location: 36.840528,-121.533286 Direction: East

D: 5 Idx:69: SR-156 : Mitchell Rd in San Benito
Location: 36.842628,-121.457654 Direction: West

D: 5 Idx:70: SR-156 : SR-25 in San Benito
Location: 36.895797,-121.427081 Direction: East

D: 5 Idx:71: SR-156 : San Felipe Rd in San Benito
Location: 36.907781,-121.403632 Direction: East

D: 5 Idx:72: SR-1 : State Park Drive in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.979707,-121.914096 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:75: US-101 : SR-156 East in San Benito
Location: 36.862318,-121.580046 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:79: SR-1 : Freedom Blvd in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.970754,-121.873463 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:80: SR-1 : Park Ave in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.984141,-121.933077 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:82: SR-1 : Rio Del Mar Blvd in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.975082,-121.885705 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:83: SR-1 : Between Park Ave and Bay Ave in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.983834,-121.948635 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:84: SR-1 : Bay Ave / Porter St in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.98343,-121.95669 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:85: SR-1 : 41st Ave Southbound Onramp in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.982525,-121.964124 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:86: SR-1 : Soquel Ave in Santa Cruz
Location: 36.987356,-121.986488 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:87: SR-156 : Fairview Rd in San Benito
Location: 36.933209,-121.387988 Direction: East

D: 5 Idx:95: SR-1 : Imjin Parkway in Monterey
Location: 36.6666,-121.814282 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:96: SR-1 : Lightfighter Drive in Monterey
Location: 36.64617,-121.81595 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:97: US-101 : SR-150 Rincon Road in Santa Barbara
Location: 34.385097,-119.486778 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:101: SR-1 : Carmel Valley Road in Monterey
Location: 36.542409,-121.90798 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:102: SR-1 : SR-68 in Monterey
Location: 36.595611,-121.86725 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:118: SR-1 : Hearst Castle in San Luis Obispo
Location: 35.6444274,-121.1864545 Direction: North

D: 5 Idx:120: SR-17 : South of Summit Road in Santa Cruz
Location: 37.130361,-121.978649 Direction: South

D: 5 Idx:122: SR-17 : Old Santa Cruz Road in Santa Cruz
Location: 37.127378,-121.975165 Direction: North