CalTrans Cameras for District 6

Updated Sep 18, 2020  

See broken Caltrans CCTV?

Ask CalTrans to get it fixed, they actually reply!! Everything you need to fill out the Service Request is provided below, browse to the CalTrans Customer Service Request page and fill in the following:
  1. Situation Type: Select "Traffic Cameras"
  2. Map Location of Concern: Copy/paste the provided (lat,lng)
  3. Direction of Travel: Use Direction specified above photo
  4. Nearest Cross Stree: Use street provided for the specific camera
  5. Date: Today's date
  6. Time: Time you noticed issue
  7. Please describe nature of situation: CCTV camera is not functioning properly.
  8. Please describe geographic location of the situation: Copy/Paste the text above the camera photo.
  9. Submit request!

Location: 34.912901,-118.92301 Direction: North

Location: 34.921729,-118.92381 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:3: KER-5-AT GRAPEVINE UC in Kern
Location: 34.939257,-118.930646 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:5: KER-5-N/O RTE 119 in Kern
Location: 35.271401,-119.228696 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:6: KER-5-N/O RTE 43 in Kern
Location: 35.320279,-119.2876 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:8: KER-5-N/O RTE 58 in Kern
Location: 35.415128,-119.419989 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:9: KER-5-S/O RTE 46 in Kern
Location: 35.58653,-119.626532 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:10: FRE-5-N/O PANOCHE ROAD in Fresno
Location: 36.648405,-120.630048 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:12: FRE-5-AT RTE 33 in Fresno
Location: 36.43614,-120.39393 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:13: FRE-41-AT RTE 99 IC in Fresno
Location: 36.719132,-119.785139 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:14: FRE-41-AT TULARE AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.74348,-119.776917 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:15: FRE-41-JNO SR 180 in Fresno
Location: 36.757485,-119.775288 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:16: FRE-41-AT MCKINLEY AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.766982,-119.779082 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:17: FRE-41-AT SHIELDS AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.782274,-119.784236 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:18: FRE-41-AT ASHLAN AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.793958,-119.785289 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:19: FRE-41-AT SHAW AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.808356,-119.785747 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:20: FRE-41-AT BULLARD AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.82281,-119.785675 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:21: FRE-41-AT HERNDON AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.837761,-119.785347 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:22: FRE-41-AT FRIANT AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.854807,-119.789528 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:24: MAD-41-AT VALLEY CHILDRENS BLVD in Madera
Location: 36.893003,-119.793455 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:25: MAD-41-AT RTE 49 in Madera
Location: 37.331009,-119.6558 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:26: TUL-198-AT MOONEY BLVD in Tulare
Location: 36.326738,-119.314206 Direction: East

D: 6 Idx:27: KER-99-AT WHITE LN in Kern
Location: 35.317483,-119.035777 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:29: KER-99-JNO SR 65 in Kern
Location: 35.431686,-119.073416 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:31: TUL-99-AT RTE 137 in Tulare
Location: 36.211044,-119.328243 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:32: TUL-99-JSO-RTE-198 in Tulare
Location: 36.32586,-119.40655 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:33: TUL-99-N/O AVE 384 in Tulare
Location: 36.49338,-119.52455 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:34: TUL-99-S/O 18TH AVE in Tulare
Location: 36.503413,-119.543668 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:35: FRE-99-AT RTE 201 in Fresno
Location: 36.518117,-119.56135 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:36: FRE-99-S/O BETHEL AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.527667,-119.573663 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:37: FRE-99-S/O MT VIEW AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.542396,-119.59112 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:38: FRE-99-N/O MT VIEW AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.552055,-119.602536 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:39: FRE-99-S/O FLORAL AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.571026,-119.623998 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:41: FRE-99-S/O MANNING AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.589866,-119.644627 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:42: FRE-99-N/O MANNING AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.606561,-119.662885 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:43: FRE-99-S/O MERCED AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.619635,-119.677169 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:44: FRE-99-AT CLOVIS AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.640869,-119.700365 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:45: FRE-99-AT CHESTNUT AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.674234,-119.736589 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:46: FRE-99-AT JENSEN AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.707221,-119.774021 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:47: FRE-180-JEO RTE 99 in Fresno
Location: 36.741296,-119.814808 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:48: FRE-99-AT BELMONT AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.749938,-119.825098 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:49: FRE-99-AT OLIVE AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.757361,-119.829721 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:50: FRE-99-AT CLINTON AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.772055,-119.838248 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:51: FRE-99-AT ASHLAN AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.793502,-119.865732 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:52: FRE-99-AT SHAW AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.807656,-119.886741 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:53: FRE-99-AT HERNDON AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.832008,-119.917525 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:54: MAD-99-AT AVE 12 in Madera
Location: 36.923725,-120.021329 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:55: MAD-99-AT CLEVELAND AVE in Madera
Location: 36.974797,-120.07601 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:56: MAD-99-AT AVE 21 1/2 in Madera
Location: 37.06572,-120.1857 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:57: MAD-99-AT CALIFA OH in Madera
Location: 37.088719,-120.213459 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:58: FRE-5-AT SR 33/145 SEP in Fresno
Location: 36.29459,-120.26891 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:59: FRE-145-AT JENSEN AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.70575,-120.060533 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:60: MAD-99-AT RTE 152 in Madera
Location: 37.083711,-120.209768 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:61: FRE-180-JWO CEDAR AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.755732,-119.755769 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:62: FRE-168-AT FLORADORA AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.761689,-119.749632 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:63: FRE-168-AT SHIELDS AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.779787,-119.749637 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:64: FRE-168-AT ASHLAN AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.794054,-119.747479 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:65: FRE-168-AT SHAW AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.808948,-119.733661 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:66: FRE-168-AT BULLARD AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.823251,-119.717895 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:67: FRE-168-AT HERNDON AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.837691,-119.703799 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:68: FRE-168-AT FOWLER AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.84127,-119.684304 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:69: FRE-168-AT TEMPERANCE AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.843532,-119.663866 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:70: FRE-180-JWO RTE 99 in Fresno
Location: 36.740637,-119.817837 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:71: FRE-180-JWO RTE 41 WO in Fresno
Location: 36.753663,-119.777505 Direction: East

D: 6 Idx:72: FRE-180-AT SR 168 in Fresno
Location: 36.755217,-119.747038 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:73: FRE-180-AT CHESTNUT AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.755041,-119.736733 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:74: FRE-180-AT PEACH AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.753731,-119.718551 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:75: FRE-180-AT CLOVIS AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.753187,-119.700569 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:76: FRE-180-AT BRAWLEY AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.735694,-119.862069 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:77: FRE-180-AT MARKS AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.738642,-119.844907 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:78: FRE-180-JEO 1ST ST in Fresno
Location: 36.754575,-119.769692 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:80: FRE-180-AT FOWLER AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.753464,-119.682332 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:81: FRE-180-AT TEMPERANCE AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.740114,-119.664336 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:82: TUL-198-AT PLAZA DR in Tulare
Location: 36.327579,-119.390189 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:83: TUL-198-AT AKERS ST in Tulare
Location: 36.32745,-119.349301 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:84: FRE-5-AT RTE 269 in Fresno
Location: 36.07638,-120.10212 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:85: TUL-99-JNO RTE 198 in Fresno
Location: 36.32909,-119.40925 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:86: KIN-41-AT RTE 198 in Kings
Location: 36.281662,-119.808154 Direction: Median

D: 6 Idx:87: KER-99-AT HOSKING AVE in Kern
Location: 35.281382,-119.026550 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:88: TUL-99-AT CARTMILL AVE in Tulare
Location: 36.240244,-119.345497 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:89: MAD-41-AT AVE 9 in Madera
Location: 36.880665,-119.793146 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:90: MAD-99-AT AVE 7 in Madera
Location: 36.85156,-119.946844 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:91: KIN-198-AT 12TH AVE in Kings
Location: 36.31858,-119.67307 Direction: Median

D: 6 Idx:92: MAD-99-AT RTE 145 in Madera
Location: 36.953204,-120.056486 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:94: KER-58-AT H ST in Kern
Location: 35.352709,-119.02144 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:95: FRE-5-S of RTE 198 in Fresno
Location: 36.209442,-120.215415 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:96: FRE-168-Prather in Fresno
Location: 37.037251,-119.513087 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:98: KER-99-S/O RTE 46 in Kern
Location: 35.57977,-119.2029 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:99: KER-178-JEO RTE 184 in Kern
Location: 35.39872,-118.87969 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:100: KER-58-AT UNION AVE in Kern
Location: 35.35242,-119.00328 Direction: East

D: 6 Idx:101: LA-5-LEBEC (FRAZIER) in Los Angeles
Location: 34.817709,-118.882016 Direction:

D: 6 Idx:102: KER-99-AT PANAMA LANE in Kern
Location: 35.295609,-119.030221 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:103: TUL-99-AT DODGE AVE (AVE 384) in Tulare
Location: 36.4898,-119.51861 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:104: TUL-99- AT MERRIT DRIVE in Tulare
Location: 36.452207,-119.490425 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:105: FRE-180- ACADEMY AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.7363,-119.55661 Direction:

D: 6 Idx:106: FRE-180- WB 168 TO WB 180 RAMP in Fresno
Location: 36.75556,-119.76093 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:107: TUL-190- AT ROAD 284 in Tulare
Location: 36.04722,-118.93702 Direction: East

D: 6 Idx:108: FRE-99- N/O BETHEL in Fresno
Location: 36.53339,-119.58047 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:109: FRE-198-at RTE 5 in Fresno
Location: 36.25428,-120.24457 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:111: RTE-99-AT SHIELDS AVE in Fresno
Location: 36.780327,-119.846928 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:112: KER-99-11th AVE in Kern
Location: 35.76942,-119.25138 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:113: KER-99-AT RTE 46 in Kern
Location: 35.60205,-119.211476 Direction: South

D: 6 Idx:114: TUL_99_BETTY DRIVE in Tulare
Location: 36.350968,-119.426939 Direction: North

D: 6 Idx:115: KER-46-AT RTE 33 in Kern
Location: 35.615273,-119.867974 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:116: KIN-198-Handford Armona (13th Ave) in Kings
Location: 36.31363,-119.6945 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:117: KER-58-MOHAWK in Kern
Location: 35.371215,-119.065565 Direction: East

D: 6 Idx:118: KER-58-FAIRFax RD in Kern
Location: 35.352313,-118.932588 Direction: East

D: 6 Idx:119: KER-58-VERNON AVE in Kern
Location: 35.35317,-118.96773 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:120: FRE-180-Oliver in Fresno
Location: 36.733578,-119.498246 Direction: West

D: 6 Idx:121: FRE-180-Reed in Fresno
Location: 36.723563,-119.457475 Direction: East