CalTrans Cameras for District 7

Updated Oct 19, 2020  

See broken Caltrans CCTV?

Ask CalTrans to get it fixed, they actually reply!! Everything you need to fill out the Service Request is provided below, browse to the CalTrans Customer Service Request page and fill in the following:
  1. Situation Type: Select "Traffic Cameras"
  2. Map Location of Concern: Copy/paste the provided (lat,lng)
  3. Direction of Travel: Use Direction specified above photo
  4. Nearest Cross Stree: Use street provided for the specific camera
  5. Date: Today's date
  6. Time: Time you noticed issue
  7. Please describe nature of situation: CCTV camera is not functioning properly.
  8. Please describe geographic location of the situation: Copy/Paste the text above the camera photo.
  9. Submit request!

D: 7 Idx:14: I-5 South At I-10 in Los Angeles
Location: 34.03294,-118.222029 Direction: South

D: 7 Idx:17: I-5 North South of I-10 in Los Angeles
Location: 34.053658,-118.213878 Direction: North

D: 7 Idx:102: I-10 East At McClure East in Los Angeles
Location: 34.011337,-118.494253 Direction: East

D: 7 Idx:105: I-10 West At Cloverfield Blvd in Los Angeles
Location: 34.025646,-118.465909 Direction: West

D: 7 Idx:108: National in Los Angeles
Location: 34.031501,-118.42019 Direction: East

D: 7 Idx:113: La Cienega in Los Angeles
Location: 34.035699,-118.382092 Direction: East

D: 7 Idx:114: Fairfax in Los Angeles
Location: 34.036207,-118.375293 Direction: East

D: 7 Idx:121: I-10 West At Western Ave in Los Angeles
Location: 34.037592,-118.306614 Direction: West

D: 7 Idx:123: I-10 South At I-110 (CHP Tower) in Los Angeles
Location: 34.036338,-118.274819 Direction: South

D: 7 Idx:125: I-10 West At San Pedro St in Los Angeles
Location: 34.028071,-118.252558 Direction: West

D: 7 Idx:131: Soto St in Los Angeles
Location: 34.053367,-118.206256 Direction: East

D: 7 Idx:183: NB I-110 to WB I-10 in Los Angeles
Location: 34.036199,-118.274049 Direction: North

D: 7 Idx:307: I-105 West At Crenshaw Blvd in Los Angeles
Location: 33.925591,-118.325 Direction: West