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California Highway Patrol Animal Hazard Incidents

CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-605 South At Washington Santa Fe Springs possible fatality dog at center divider

  • Possible Fatality Dog At Center Divider
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-710 South At Whittier East LA german sheppard - walking with traffic in slow lanes

  • A82-072 Will Take Dog To Downey A/c
  • A82-072 Asc Animal Control Address Unit Will Take Dog Directly To Shelter
  • [Chp]-10 -39 Ela Animal Control Unknown Eta
  • A82-072 On Scene With Dog
  • A82-074 Dog Running Off To 3rd
  • A82-072 On Scene With Break From 5
  • Corr Center Divide
  • A82-074 Running Break Northbound
  • A82-072 Running Break Northbound Washington
  • [Chp]-Southbound Just North Of 5 ,, Going Northbound In Center Divider
  • A82-074 Dog Now Running Northbound In Southbound Center Divide Overshot
  • 74 Dog Running On Right Shoulder Toward Whittier
  • A82-074 Dog Running Southbound In Lanes
  • A82-074 On Scene All Lanes Temp Stopped At 3rd
  • German Sheppard - Walking With Traffic In Slow Lanes
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-5 North At Via De La Valle San Diego on right hand shoulder - bro/ black husky type - walking up to the freeway / looks injured

  • On Right Hand Shoulder - Bro/ Black Husky Type - Walking Up To The Freeway / Looks Injured
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-215 North At Newport Temecula tan pit bull running #1 lane against traffic

  • Tan Pit Bull Running #1 Lane Against Traffic
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-60 East At Seventh Ave S Santa Fe Springs possible fatality possibly large dog blocking 2 fast lanes

  • Possible Fatality Possibly Large Dog Blocking 2 Fast Lanes
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-805 South At San Ysidro San Diego white med size dog with collar and leash running northbound in & out of lanes and right shoulder

  • White Med Size Dog With collar And Leash Running Northbound In & Out Of Lanes And Right Shoulder
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-15 South At Murphy Canyon Road San Diego puppies running on the onramp, one was hit by a vehicle

  • [Chp]-humane Eta 15
  • C87-010c Eta For Animal Control
  • Sedan Humane
  • C87-001c Start Animal Control For 2 Puppies - 1 Has Been Hit But Still Alive
  • Up The The Meters At Top Of On Ramp
  • Vehicle Stopped That Hit The Puppy
  • Puppies Running On The onramp, One Was Hit By A Vehicle
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard US-101 North At Gravenstein Hwy Santa Rosa possible fatality dog in #1 lane

  • Possible Fatality Dog In #1 Lane
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard US-101 North King City in center divider

  • No Associated Vehicles
  • In The Center Divide
  • No Vehicles In Area
  • Other - Cattle Dog - Gray Or Black
  • In Center Divider
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-71 South Of South At Euclid Riverside deceased deer par traffic hazard 1 lane - in center divider

  • Dead Deer Center Divide And #1 Lane
  • No Vehicles Stopped
  • Deer Was Hit
  • Deer Down In #1
  • Neg Associated Vehicles In Area
  • Possible Fatality Deer On Right Hand Shoulder -- Partial Traffic Hazard Slow Lane
  • Deceased Deer Par Traffic Hazard 1 Lane - In Center Divider
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-5 North At Cosumnes River Blvd E South Sac 6 ducks and geese traffic hazard in #1 lane

  • Responsible Truck Exited To Florin Rd
  • One Duck Is Possible Fatality In Unknown lanes
  • 6 Ducks And Geese Traffic Hazard In #1 Lane
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-71 North Of South Riverside per party coyote in center divider

  • Per Duplicate Possible Fatality Deer In The #1 Lane
  • Possibly Got Hit
  • Per Party Coyote In Center Divider
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-8 West At In Ko Pah Eo El Centro icso for a/c

  • A85-003 A/c Has The Dog
  • A85-003 Aco Arrived On Scene
  • A85-003 Eta On Aco
  • Bd-k9 Dog Possibly Belongs To Brother
  • Bd-k9 Info For Possibly Dog Ownerctc Owners Of Desert Towerwill Be Picking Up His Brother And Responding To The Scene
  • Icso For A/c
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-80 West At Reed Ave Woodland deer in roadway

  • Deer In Roadway
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard I-5 Just South Of At Copus Buttonwillow large bro dog

  • Large Bro Dog
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard US-101 North At Los Osos Valley Road San Luis Obispo possible fatality deer between lanes

  • Possible Fatality Deer Between Lanes
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-55 North At To Santa Ana on right shoulder at beginning of the trans

  • On Right Shoulder At Beginning Of The Trans
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-43 South At Hanford

  • Hanford Pd
  • ,Out With A Dog Thats Been Hit. Its Breathing But Cant Move. I Cant Dispatch It Due To Being Near The Costco. See If A/c Can Respond To Dispatch It
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-178 Bakersfield large black steer in roadway

  • Steer out of Roadway / Party On Foot In Area W Dog / Will Direct To Large Hole In Fence Area
  • Large Black Steer In Roadway
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard US-101 South At 12 Th St Humboldt black dog

  • Running Down The lanes
  • Black Dog
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-7 Willows calf in roadway / yellow ear tag

  • Calf In Roadway / Yellow Ear Tag
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-162 Willows mother cow on the other side of the fence - looked concerned

  • Mother Cow On The Other Side Of The Fence - Looked Concerned
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-99 Just South Of At California Bakersfield injured huskey - right hand shoulder

  • City Aco
  • Injured Huskey - Right Hand Shoulder
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-152 At Road Madera mra so for ac

  • Black Lab And Smaller Dog
  • Mra So For Ac
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-99 Just South Of At White Bakersfield medium sized black dog

  • Neg Vehicles Seen Stopped In The Area
  • On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Medium Sized Black Dog
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-58 At Red Hill Templeton black cow in westbound lane

  • Black Cow In Westbound Lane
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-88 At Irishtown Amador

Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard SR-58 At Grn Mm 156 Sand Mojave

Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard G St / Mercy Ave Merced

  • Police Departement - Unknown Eta / All Units Busy (Stand By)
  • 63-s1 Goats All Spread Out - Mult Near Crashes - Eta From Pd
  • Mpd
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,25 Traffic Hazard Goats In The City Advise Mpd
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard Hornitos Rd / Old Toll Rd Mariposa

  • Mri So
  • 63-44 Per Cattle Manager, Cows Were Sold At Auction, Unknown Who They Belong To Now/at Mt Gaines And Hornitos There Are Cows Behind The Fence W/ Same Branding/no Broken Fence Or Open Gatesreq A/c
  • 63-44
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard Arthur Rd / Karen Ln Contra Costa

  • A/c
  • Injury Cat In Roadway
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard Kanan Rd / Hollytree Dr Moorpark

  • Coyote In Lanes
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard Mockingbird Canyon Rd / Van Buren Blvd Riverside

  • Rivco A/c Officer Ll, Inquiring If Deer Is In Lanes Of Traffic ?
  • Rvco A/c
  • Cords -- Advised They Dont Pick-up Truck Possible Fatality Deers
  • 74-40 On Scene Eastbound Vb Just West Of Mockingbird In Right Turn Lane - Advise Cords
  • Reporters Husband Called Her Crying Hysterically Bcuz He Saw A Dead Dog Somewhere In This Area In Lanes
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard Mount Hermon Rd / Graham Hill Rd Santa Cruz

Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard 18614 Grove Pl San Bernardino

  • Party In A Black Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck - Not Able To Exit Her Vehicle - 2 Pit Bulls - Southbound Co Aco
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard Lompico Rd / E Zayante Rd Santa Cruz

  • Small Deer Laying On Right Shoulder / Unknown If Possibly Injury / Was Just Laying On The Right Shoulder
  • Partial Traffic Hazard
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard Tesla Rd / S Vasco Rd Dublin

  • Large Deer Laying In Roadway
Animal Hazard

Animal Hazard Milton Rd / Jenny Lind Rd San Andreas

  • Cow Possibly Belong @ 11151 Milton
  • Cow In Roadway

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