Active California CHP Assist with Construction Incidents

Updated Oct 29, 2020  
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  • SR-70 East at Sr70 W Sr65 S Con
    Yuba Sutter
    SR-70 East IncidentsCameras
  • SR-65 South at Galleria Blvd Ofr
    South bound 65 AT - Auburn
    SR-65 South IncidentsCameras
  • SR-65 North at Pleasant Grove Blvd Ofr
    SR-65 North IncidentsCameras
  • Wb 50 X Pioneer Brdg
  • 5
    South Sac
  • Rio Vista Brdg
  • SR-13 South at REDWOOD RD OFR
    Nb 13 At Redwood - Oakland
    SR-13 South IncidentsCameras
  • SR-1 North
    NORTH END - TOM LANTOS TUNNEL - North bound 1 - San Francisco
    SR-1 North IncidentsCameras
  • 0 Cntrl Healdsburg Ofr
    101 AT CENTRAL HEALDSBURG - Santa Rosa
  • I-680 North at VARGAS RD OFR
    North bound 680 AT VARGAS - Dublin
    I-680 North IncidentsCameras
  • I-80 West
    Wb 80 Jwo Tunnel - San Francisco
    I-80 West IncidentsCameras
  • I-680 South at S Main St Ofr
    South bound 680 sheriff's department MAIN - Contra Costa
    I-680 South IncidentsCameras
  • US-101 North at WHIPPLE AVE ONR
    * 101 / WHIPPLE * - Redwood City
    US-101 North IncidentsCameras
    SAN FRANCISCO AREA - San Francisco
    I-80 East IncidentsCameras
  • SR-23 North at Hillcrest Dr
    NB/ South bound - Moorpark
    SR-23 North IncidentsCameras
  • US-101 North at Avila Beach Dr Ofr
    US101 N AT AVILA BEACH DR - San Luis Obispo
    US-101 North IncidentsCameras
  • I-10 East at Via Verde
    Closure TIL 0500 - Baldwin Park
    I-10 East IncidentsCameras
  • I-210 West at Paxton St
    West bound AT - Altadena
    I-210 West IncidentsCameras
  • Lartmc
    2901 W BROADWAY - Altadena
  • I-5 South at Mccabe Rd
    South bound just North of - Los Banos
    I-5 South IncidentsCameras
  • I-5 North at Howard Rd Onr
    just South of North bound AND South bound - Modesto
    I-5 North IncidentsCameras
  • Los Banos
    I5-- -
  • SR-99 North at Kansas Ave Ofr
    SR-99 North IncidentsCameras
  • SR-152 East at Rock Bridge
    SR152 East / ROCK BRIDGE - Los Banos
    SR-152 East IncidentsCameras
  • SR-99 North at W 4th St Ofr
    North bound FROM 4TH TO AVE 17 - Madera
    SR-99 North IncidentsCameras
  • SR-99 South at SR43 S CON
    South bound 99 just North of FLORAL - Fresno
    SR-99 South IncidentsCameras
  • SR-99 North at JENSEN AVE OFR
    North bound 99 AT JENSEN - Fresno
    SR-99 North IncidentsCameras
  • 0 E Santa Clara Ave
  • I-5 South at Avenida De Estrella
    I5 AVENIDA DE ESTRELLA - Capistrano
    I-5 South IncidentsCameras
  • 0 E Santa Clara Ave
  • I-10 East at At
    I10 East AT I215 - San Bernardino
    I-10 East IncidentsCameras
  • E Guasti Rd / N Haven Ave
  • I-15 North at Sabre Springs Dar
    I15 N SABRE SPRINGS DAR (HOV) - San Diego
    I-15 North IncidentsCameras
  • SR-94 West at Bancroft
    SR94 W BANCROFT - El Cajon
    SR-94 West IncidentsCameras
  • I-15 North at Old Hwy 395
    OFRS AND ONRS - Oceanside
    I-15 North IncidentsCameras
  • I-5 North at Birmingham
    BIRM TO PAR - Oceanside
    I-5 North IncidentsCameras
  • I-5 North at Lomas Santa Fe
    North bound AND South bound / between LSF AND BIRM - Oceanside
    I-5 North IncidentsCameras
  • I-15 North at Rainbow Valley No
    I-15 North IncidentsCameras