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California Highway Patrol Report of Fire Incidents

CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts

Report of Fire SR-4 Contra Costa smoke seen only -from brush on left hand shoulder of the onramp

  • Cc Co Fire -Fire
  • Ll Fire
  • Smoke Seen Only -From Brush On Left Hand Shoulder Of The onramp

Report of Fire I-5 North At Palomar San Diego on right hand shoulder smoke

  • Party Advises Smoke Seems To Be Right Hand Shoulder Street Level
  • On Right Hand Shoulder Smoke

Report of Fire I-10 West At Crenshaw Blvd Central LA brush fire on the offramp

  • Los Angeles Fire Dept. Op#131 Los Angeles Fire Dept. Inc# 149
  • Transferred To Los Angeles Fire Dept.
  • [Chp]-per Duplicate Caller Also Reported Westbound 10 At Arlington / Right Shoulder
  • Brush Fire Starting Here
  • Brush Fire On The Offramp

Report of Fire US-101 Marin 34-s5 heard from park presidio there is a pile of trash on fire

  • Dotcc
  • Bay Area Trans. Mgmt., Fire Is Out / Req Caltrans To Pickup Sml Pile Of Misc Car Parts
  • Fire/ Disregarded
  • Disregard Fire
  • 34-20 Brg Arrived On Scene / Fire Is Out
  • Mrnso Advised Fire Enroute
  • C34-020 Sml Pile Of Trash On Fire
  • Fire
  • Ll Fire
  • Start Fire
  • 34-s5 Heard From Park Presidio There Is A Pile Of Trash On Fire

Report of Fire SR-99 South At Sutterville Road South Sac party could see smoke on right hand shoulder

  • Fire Log# 5140
  • Party Could See Smoke On Right Hand Shoulder

Report of Fire SR-99 South At Betty Visalia shop off the roadway

  • Crash Fire 1097
  • Building On Fire
  • Fire
  • Tot Crash Fire
  • Fire At Mobile Home Park
  • Shop Off The Roadway

Report of Fire SR-120 East At Stockton tree on fire

  • Per Fire Chp Not Needed At This Time / Just CalTrans To Check / Fire Does Not Believe It Will Immediately Fall
  • CalTrans Will Send Crew
  • Per Sfd Large Ash Tree Damaged In CalTrans Area / Fire Believes It Will Fall Onto Roadway
  • Transfer Stkn Fire
  • Tree On Fire

Report of Fire SR-99 At At Panama Bakersfield grass fire off freeway

  • Grass Fire Off Freeway

Report of Fire 4100-4299 Dows Prairie Rd Humboldt

  • Nothing Currently Traffic Hazard In Roadway
  • Powerline Starting Tree On Fire Above Rdway

Report of Fire Shaw Rd / 7th Ave Bay Area

  • Transfer Smco Fire
  • [Chp]-per Ssf Police Departement Under Freeway On Shaw At 7th, Encampment Fire And Police Departement Advng Chp To Handle Req Them Start
  • Unknown What Is On Fire
  • Transfer To Fire
  • Fire Under The Freeway - Smoke And Flames Seen

Report of Fire E Acampo Rd / N Des Moines Rd Stockton

  • Unknown Whats On Fire
  • Fire Ibo House

Report of Fire W Avenue C2 / 90th St W Antelope Valley

  • C89-001c Residential Fire = Fire And Los Angeles Sheriff's Office On Scene

Report of Fire 850 Willow Creek Rd Arrowhead

  • Large Fire
  • Vis Of Flames / Smoke

Report of Fire Woodford Tehachapi Rd / Broome Rd Mojave

  • Per 59-1 Chp Going 98 / Kcfd Is Comfortable With One Way Traffic Control / Will Leave Rd Closed Signs In Place Due To Fire Equipment Still Being In The Area
  • 71-25 Mwtc Fire Will Help With 1 Way Traffic Control Until 71-10 Goes On Scene
  • 59-1 Copies Line 37 , Will Keep Roadway Closed
  • Per Kcfd Northbound Lanes Are Blocked By Fire Engines / However Traffic Can Get Around
  • Kcso Req Be On The Lookout For Possibly Suspect Vehicle That May Have Started The Fire Early 2000s White Ford F350 Dually With ple Stripes Towing An Unknown Trailer - Trailer Has Flat Tires That Possibly Started The Fire Last Seen Towards Keene - Bfcc
  • A59-002 Co Rds Has The Road Closure In Place At Woodford Tehachapi At 58
  • Kern Co Rds
  • 59-1 Req Co Rds To Respond To 58 / Woodford To Shut Down At Keene / Also Req Road Closed Signs To Be Put In Place Golden Hills
  • Large Amounts Of Smoke In The Area
  • Small Fire On The Side Of Roadway Conf To Kcfd

* NOTE: CHP incident text may be been modified from its original to improve readability, as a result some errors may have been introduced. Data provided by CHP. Official CHP Incidents.