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CHP Traffic Incidents on SR-1 for Today, June 17, 2024 in California

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-1

Car Accident on SR-1 At Brookfield Ukiah with Minor Injuries crash occurred in a ford vehicle

  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route To Traffic Collision-minor Injury By Chp
  • - Orca Towing - 707-964-8352 - Will Have Driver
  • 18-001 Req To Start Tow Truck / 30 Ft Down Embankment Vehicle Against A Tree
  • 18-001 Advise Same Vehicle And Subject From Previous Accident, Property Damage
  • Possibly Same Vehicle Involved In Log#240616uk0037
  • 18-001 Advise Possibly The Same Vehicle Involved As Accident, Property Damage From Yesterday / New Collison But Possibly Same Driver
  • Ford Vehicle Crash
  • Cdf Howard
  • Right Hand Shoulder
  • Head Injury
  • Crash Occurred In A Ford Vehicle

Car Accident on SR-1 At Glennen Ukiah with No Known Injuries single vehicle crash

  • - Cf Adv Started Tow Truck
  • - Elk Garage - 707-877-3444 - Will Be Enroute
  • 18-001 Req To Start Tow Truck
  • Per Cf On Scene Vehicle Blocking Northbound Lane / Driver Left Scene / Will Need Tow Truck / 19 Dodge Challenger -Ca - 00 Beck
  • 18-1 Advise When Fire Gets There They Can Mark And Move
  • - Cf /Will Start Fire
  • Solo Vehicle Crash
  • 18-1 Cpy Will Be Enroute / Req To Start Fire For Trf Control
  • - 18-s5 Affirm Start 18-1
  • Male Driver Out Of Vehicle Walking Around
  • Engine Is Also Not With The Vehicle Anymore
  • Solo Vehicle Crash
  • Blocking The Northbound Lane
  • Vehicles Can Go Around It
  • Vehicle Is Traffic Hazard
  • Single Vehicle Crash
Traffic Hazard Northbound just North of Traffic hazard - Santa Cruz in District 5

Traffic Hazard SR-1 North Santa Cruz 26-100 behind rolling traffic hazard will try to pull off at maroon monte offramp

  • 26-100 Behind Rolling Traffic Hazard Will Try To Pull Off At Maroon Monte Offramp

Assist with Construction SR-1 North At State Santa Cruz

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