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CHP Traffic Incidents on SR-190 for Today, April 24, 2024 in California

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Traffic Alerts on SR-190 today
Traffic Collision Ambulance Enroute road 208 just South of SR190 - Porterville in District 6

Car Accident on SR-190 Porterville with Ambulance Enroute2 vehicle crash

  • Golden State To Disregard
  • Golden State Tow 559-781-3604
  • Wallace Tow 559-784-0494
  • CHP Unit B40-030 - Tow Truck X 2
  • 1 Vehicle Traffic Hazard
  • Traffic Hazard
  • Two Vehicle Crash With Airbag Deployment
  • Silver Honda Accord Vs Red Mercury
  • 2 Vehicle Crash
Traffic Collision - Unknown injury road 144 just South of SR190 - Visalia in District 6

Car Accident on SR-190 Visalia with Unknown Injuriesdark grn hon 4d vs vineyard

  • Could Possibly Be Same As Log 416 Road 208 Just South Of Sr-190
  • Dark Grn Hon 4d Vs Vineyard

Car Accident on SR-190 At Road Porterville with No Known Injuriesvehicle vs deer

  • Aaa - So#29565831 Hula Towing Enroute
  • CHP Unit B40-050 - Party Started Aaa - Requests Eta
  • Party Has His Own Tow Truck Enroute
  • Party Advised He Doesnt Have Visual Of It But Believes The Deer Is Possible Fatality And Traffic Hazard
  • Vehicle Vs Deer

Traffic Hazard SR-190 At S Westwood Porterville

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