CHP Traffic Incidents on SR-25 for Today, June 23, 2024 in California

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-25
Traffic Collision Ambulance Enroute Southbound SR25 1/4 MILE just South of F/ ROUNDABOUT - Hollister Gilroy in District 5

Car Accident on SR-25 Hollister Gilroy with Ambulance Enroute 3 vehicles crash

  • Per Netcom Neg Crash Just Abandoned Vehicle, Occupied Off The Roadway
  • 23-54 On Scene With Fire
  • [Chp]-fire Utl To The Roundabout , Vehicles Southbound At Hudner But Doesnt Appear To Be Crash
  • Netcom
  • Neg Traffic Hazard
  • Gray 4d Sedan Vs White Sedan Vs Dark Colored Pickup Truck
  • Parties Trying To Push Vehicle out of The Ditch
  • 3 Vehicles Crash
Traffic Hazard Eastbound SR156 IN ROUNDABOUT - Hollister Gilroy in District 5

Traffic Hazard SR-25 Hollister Gilroy reporters gray nissan seadn traffic hazard in round about

  • B23-170 Was Able To Jump Start The Vehicle / Party On Their Way / Disregard Tow Truck Back On Top Assignment Completed
  • B23-170 Neg Traffic Hazard On The Right Hand Shoulder Abandoned Vehicle, Occupied
  • Hollister Tow 831-630-9320 With Tow Truck
  • Neg AAA May Just Need Jump Start, Party Requesting Tow Truck Rot
  • Sag Vehicle Now On Right Hand Shoulder Of Round About Now
  • Party Possibly Trying To Push out of Roadway
  • Party Will Try And Move Vehicle To Right Hand Shoulder
  • Reporters Gray Nissan Seadn Traffic Hazard In Round About

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