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CHP Incidents on California I-10 for Yesterday May 24, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on I-10

Car Accident on I-10 East At Via Baldwin Park with Unknown Injuries darker colored sd vs right shoulder wall

  • Vehicle Was Pulled Over To Right Shoulder
  • Darker Colored Sd Vs Right Shoulder Wall

Closure of a Road I-10 West Of East At Live Oak San Bernardino #1 lane closed

  • #1 Lane Closed

Closure of a Road I-10 West At Peck Rd N East LA

Traffic Hazard I-10 East At La Cienega Central LA scrap metal blocking middle lanes of offramp

  • Scrap Metal Blocking Middle Lanes Of Offramp

Car Accident on I-10 East At 7th St Op Exit 240 Mm Blythe with Minor Injuries semi is overturned

  • CHP Unit 6-30 - Road Work Ahead Sign Knocked Down
  • CHP Unit C6-032 - Roadway Open
  • Solo Vehicle Accident, Minor Injuries
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route To Traffic Collision-minor Injury By Chp
  • Requests Eta For Superduty = Less Than 10min
  • H And H Ramsey Super Duty 760-922-4161
  • CHP Unit C6-030 - Tow Truck Superheavy Eastbound On Ramp From 7th Overturned Fullly Loaded
  • Blypd Adv Neg On Fire Needing To Be Started
  • Semi Is Overturned

Assist with Construction I-10 West At Euclid Rancho Cucamonga vehicle 27 * sm 133039

  • I-10 With B From Etiwanda To Campus #1, #2, And #3 Lanes Closed
  • [Chp]-rp Adv They Have Euclid St Closed Down And It Only Gives You Option To Get On Frwy, Rp Advise A Chry Gem Cant Drive On Freeway
  • Czp3 - Vehicle 12 * Sm - 244606 * Until 0500
  • Vehicle 27 * Sm 133039

Traffic Hazard I-10 West Of East At Bob Hope Dr Indio large pot hole in #3

  • Party Hit The Traffic Hazard And Damaged Tire
  • Large Pot Hole In #3
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