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CHP Incidents on California SR-110 for Yesterday June 14, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-110

Car Fire SR-110 South At Stadium Central LA

  • 15-84 Holding All Traffic Lanes
  • Gray Ford Pickup Truck On Right Shoulder - Open Bed Of Truck On Fire

Car Accident on SR-110 North At Connector Central LA with Unknown Injuries open line - no response

  • Per Rapid Deploy Northbound 110 Just South Of San Fernando Rd
  • Open Line - No Response

Hit & Run SR-110 South / Avenue 52 Offramp Central LA with No Known Injuries suspect vehicle - unknown vehicle

  • Suspect Vehicle - Unknown Vehicle

Car Accident on SR-110 North At W Pico Central LA with No Known Injuries

  • Freeway Service Patrol Has Closed Their Incident [240614lafsp0149]
  • [Chp]-Roadway Clr, Vehicles On Right Shoulder Now
  • Please Roll Freeway Service Patrol Bt 604-001
  • Party In Green Lexus Vs White Ford Van Blocking #1 Lane

Hit & Run SR-110 North / SR-110 North US-101 South CON Central LA with No Known Injuries

  • 15-52 Advsed Both Vehicles Are On Scene
  • Victim Vehicle Will Standby On Right Shoulder
  • Victim Vehicle - Brown Honda Civic - Will Need Tow Truck

Traffic Hazard SR-110 South At Avenue 52 Central LA black honda fit in slow lane

  • Black Honda Fit In Slow Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-110 North At 5th St o shot traffic hazard northbound 110 /5th st tesla blocking 3 lane

  • Eaglerock Tow Copies Disregard
  • 15-52 Disregard Tow Truck Party Has Pa Enroute
  • Eaglerock Will Rear End Roll Flatbed Tow Truck Z
  • 15-52 Everything On Right Shoulder
  • Eaglerock Club Service 323-663-4301 Eta 20 Ol
  • 15-52 Start Tow Truck For Silver Toyota Cam
  • 15-52 Blockign #2 Lane
  • Party Was Abandoned Vehicle, Occupied On Right Shoulder With Broken Tire
  • Both Vehicles On Right Shoulder
  • Party In A Gray Tesla Model 3 Vs Gray Toyota Cam
  • 2 Vehicle Crash
  • 15-52 Advises Has Vis From Southbound Side - Tow Truck On Scene ** Private
  • Task 15-52 Cola,Please Disregard Tow Truck
  • B15-052 Disregard Tow Truck
  • Eaglerock Club Service 323-663-4301 Eta 20 / With Fltbd
  • Task 15-52 Cola,Please Start Tow Truck Flatbed Tow Truck Northbound 110 At 5th St - Main Portion
  • 15-52 Start Tow Truck Flatbed Tow Truck - Main Portion
  • O Shot Traffic Hazard Northbound 110 /5th St Tesla Blocking 3 Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-110 North At Orange Grove Ave Central LA silver toyota prius unknown eng blocking slow lane

  • B15-050 On Scene Blocking 3 Lane
  • B15-050 Start Ela For Accident, Ambulance Rolling - Per Details In Log Possibly In Express Lanes
  • Eaglerock Club 323-663-4301 Eta 20
  • Task 15-50 Cola,Please Start Tow Truck
  • 15-50 Start Tow Truck
  • Per Duplicate Party Out Of Vehicle Waving Arms For Asst
  • Silver Toyota Prius Unknown Eng Blocking Slow Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-110 South At Hill St Central LA

  • Vehicle Looks Abandoned Vehicle
  • Green Ford Explorer Blocking Offramp With Hazards Lights On

Report of Fire SR-110 South At York Central LA fire near riverbed

  • La City Fire
  • Transfered South Pasadena Fire
  • On Right Shoulder
  • Possibly Homeless Encampment On Fire
  • Brush Fire Starting In The Area - Xfe Los Angeles Fire Dept.
  • Fire Near Riverbed
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