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CHP Incidents on California SR-120 for Yesterday May 26, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-120

Car Accident on SR-120 Modesto with Unknown Injuries iphone notification of a crash

  • [Chp]-acknowledged Aaa Call # 11918439 / Haidlen Tow Eta 20 Mins
  • CHP Unit B48-030 - Tow Truck Aaa
  • CHP Unit 48-091 - Ignition Punched On Vehicle
  • Srcc
  • CHP Unit B48-030 - Joel Hispanic Adult Male 30 To 40 - Footbail Northbound - Advises So For Bol - All Black Carrying A Backpack - Was Passenger In Vehicle
  • Haidlen Towing 209-847-2300
  • CHP Unit B48-030 - One Tow Truck For Now
  • Ambulance
  • Red Chevrolet Col Pick-up Truck Vs Silver Kia Sedan
  • Traffic Hazard
  • Ll With A Party That Is On Scene At Crash Her Sister Was Involved
  • CHP Unit 48-23 - Mr285
  • Iphone Notification Of A Crash

Car Accident on SR-120 West At Union Road Stockton with No Known Injuries honda accord and another vehicle

  • [Chp]-stkn Fire / Both Vehicles Parked In Sizzler Plot / Still Requests Chp
  • [Chp]-at Union On Ramp To Westbound 120 Per Fire
  • 1 In The Center Divide And 1 On Right Shoulder
  • Honda Accord And Another Vehicle

Car Accident on SR-120 East At SR-99 Stockton with Minor Injuries

  • All Star Hh 209-833-7107
  • CHP Unit 62-1 - Tow Truck For Bmw 4d With Mod Rear
  • Bct Tow Info
  • Golden State 209-527-8500
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-unknown Injury To Traffic Collision-minor Injury
  • CHP Unit A62-001 - 3 Vehicle Accident, Minor Injuries / Start Tow Truck Land Rover Defender Mod Front End
  • CHP Unit A62-001 - Everything On Right Hand Shoulder
  • 4th Vehicle Possibly Left The Scene / Unknown Description
  • *Corr Silver Ford Traffic Hazard In Right Lane
  • Silver Ford Traffic Hazard In Right Hand Shoulder

Car Accident on SR-120 West At Airport Way Stockton with No Known Injuries vehicle across all lanes

  • CHP Unit A62-001 - All Lanes Blocked
  • CHP Unit A62-001 - The Offramp And The #2 Lane Is Closed For Recovery
  • CHP Unit A62-001 - Offramp Is Open
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route To Traffic Collision-no Injury
  • CHP Unit A62-001 - Blocking The Offramp To Airport
  • To Crossroads 209-239-0303
  • CHP Unit A62-502 - Advise Caltrans There Is 25-30 Ft Of Guardrail Damage / 10 Posts / On Right Hand Shoulder
  • CHP Unit A62-502 - Start Tow Truck Vehicle Has Major Front End Damage
  • [Chp]-driver Oov Confirmed Neg Injuries
  • Neg Traffic Hazard
  • Possibly Came Across And Hit The Guardrail / Stuck Under Gr / Facing Perpendicular To The Freeway
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-unknown Injury To Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route By Chp
  • Right Hand Shoulder : Gold Sd
  • Possibly Debris In Lanes
  • Hit Wall Or Fence On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Vehicle Across All Lanes

Animal Hazard SR-120 At Buck Sonora chp unit 6-8 - cows in the road

  • Telephone Tuo So - Would Be 1 1/2hr Eta From Don Pedro Or Jamestown - Will Enter Call
  • 61-s1 - Neg On Call Out - Req Beat Unit Check Once Clr Mr336 And See If So Is Closer
  • CHP Unit 6-8 - Cows In The Road

Animal Hazard SR-120 East At Main St Stockton

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