CHP Incidents on California SR-121 for Yesterday June 22, 2024

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Car Accident on SR-121 At Cuttings Wharf Napa with Minor Injuries per another caller - vehicle is not visible from the roadway

  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-Unknown Injury To Traffic Collision-minor Injury By Chp
  • Lane 31 - Wrong Lob
  • Tow Truck Has Vehicle / Relocating To Vet Home To Finish 180
  • A21-001 2 Vehicle Accident, Property Damage Party Xported To Qvh Precautionary
  • Calfire
  • A And T Tow 707-224-9433
  • A21-001 Start Tow Truck Vehicle Up On The Hill
  • A21-001 Mult Vehicles On The Shoulder
  • Per Another Caller - Vehicle Is Not Visible From The Roadway

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