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CHP Incidents on California SR-139 for Yesterday June 19, 2024

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-139

Car Accident on SR-139 At Hayden Hill Redding with Ambulance Enroute solo vehicle rollover

  • Per AAA Automated Msg/ Eta Is 0 Min
  • AAA: Call # 12338003 Performance Towing
  • Performance Tow / Will Advise Their Driver Now Aaa
  • AAA:
  • Lassen So/ Will Check And Callbox
  • 37-604 Confirm Party Wants Tow
  • 10389 Performance Tow 530-335-2177 Enroute W/ Flatbed Tow Truck
  • Lassen/ Will Inquire
  • Have Lassen Inq On Tow Truck
  • Per Lassen Co So/ Dep On Scene /Minor Inj / Medical Still En Route/ No Further Updates
  • [Chp]-per Lassen Co So- Requests ETA
  • Transfer From Su Chp: Modoc Co Advised 15 Miles Just South Of Aiden And 5 Just North Of Grasshopper Rd
  • Unknown Vehicle Description Unknown If Traffic Hazard
  • Female out of The Vehicle Walking Around
  • Solo Rolover Crash
  • Solo Female out of Vehicle Walkign Around
  • Solo Vehicle Rollover
  • Party
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-Unknown Injury To Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route By Chp
  • Off The Rd On A Fence
  • Solo Vehicle Rollover

Car Accident on SR-139 Susanville with No Known Injuries vehicle rollover off the cliff

  • On Scene Svl Tow Em/77670
  • Now Enroute To Svl Tow Bm/77667
  • A38-004 Tow Truck Is Going To 1019 (Return, Or Return To) For Heavy Duty
  • Unit Informed Tow Truck Info
  • Svl Tow For Owners Request
  • Sifc
  • Fire Precautionary Due To Vehicle Upside Down In The Brush
  • Vehicle Upside Down Unknown Tires
  • A38-004 Requests Tow Truck For Owners Req
  • A38-004 Req Fire To Resp, Vehicle 150ft Down
  • Briefing
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-Unknown Injury To Traffic Collision-no Injury By Chp
  • Vehicle On Its Side Against A Tree
  • Vehicle 100ft Over The Side
  • Vehicle Rollover Off The Cliff

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