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CHP Incidents on California SR-152 for Yesterday April 22, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Traffic Alerts on SR-152 yesterday

Wrong Way Driver SR-152 East At Dinosaur Hollister Gilroysanta clara so

  • Merced Cc / No Additional Calls
  • Merced Called In By Passerby Utl To Romero Vistor Center No Units Behing
  • Santa Clara So

Car Accident on SR-152 West At Upper Los Banos with Unknown Injuries red bmw went off r/s

  • Los Banos Transport And Tow 209-826-2595
  • CHP Unit C30-011 - c Tow Truck
  • CHP Unit C30-011 - c On Scene With Fire Eng Closer To Upper Cottonwood
  • Riggs
  • Riggs
  • Party States Vehicle Was Ran Off The Roadway
  • Red Honda Civic Off The Roadway
  • Red Bmw Went Off R/s

Car Accident on SR-152 At Santa Nella Road Los Banos with No Known Injuriesparty spoke with the involved party, neg injuries

  • Its The Metal Cables And Metal Pole Barrier
  • [Chp]- Docs Towing- Los Banos 209-827-6677
  • Docs Towing- Los Banos 209-827-6677
  • Tow Truck
  • Riggs To Disregard
  • 11
  • Debris Traffic Hazard In #1 Lane
  • Party Spoke With The Involved Party, Neg Injuries

Car Accident on SR-152 West At Upper Los Banos with No Known Injurieswhite chev slv vs white ford rng

  • Vehicles In Center Divider
  • White Chev Slv Vs White Ford Rng

Traffic Hazard SR-152 East At Casa De Hollister Gilroylarge pothole in right lane

  • Party Advised Neg Damage To Her Vehicle
  • Party Concerned Someone May Hit It
  • Large Pothole In Right Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-152 East At Upper Los Banossemie 1125/1126 blocking the slow lane

  • Semie 1125/1126 Blocking The Slow Lane

Defective Traffic Signals SR-152 At Martinelli Montereynet com

  • Net Com

Traffic Hazard SR-152 Los Banostraffic hazard in both lanes

  • Traffic Hazard In Both Lanes

Assist with Construction SR-152 At S 11 Th Mercedwestbound sr-152 betw 11th and 7th #1 and 2 closed

  • Police Departement
  • Westbound Sr-152 Betw 11th And 7th #1 And 2 Closed
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