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CHP Incidents on California SR-17 for Yesterday June 15, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-17

Car Accident on SR-17 South At Summit Road San Jose with Ambulance Enroute overturned vehicle

  • B24-171 Situation Under Control (Situation Under Control) - Tow Truck Is On Scene Hooking Up The Vehicle Right Now
  • Lima Unable To Provide Information At This Point Will Callbox When They Have It
  • Lima Towing 408.986.8324/ Silver Toyota Prius
  • Ll Tow Truck Required
  • B24-085 Tow Truck For Silver Toyota Prius With Right Hand Shoulder Damage
  • A11703 Disconnect With fire - Reference Lane 12 And 14 - Fire Enroute
  • Ambulance
  • People In Roadway / Cars Stopped In Roadway
  • [Chp]-per Another Eastbound Summit Rd Just East Of Northbound 17
  • Juvs out of Vehicle
  • Parties out of Vehicle / Doesnt Believe Any Injuries
  • On Right Hand Shoulder Of Summit
  • Vehicle Off Roadway Into Ditch / Vehicle Up On End
  • Overturned Vehicle

Car Accident on SR-17 West ofodland with Ambulance Enroute a47-020 everything on right hand shoulder /mc up

  • Acknowledged Citizens Tow 530-662-5647
  • A47-020 Tow Truck Required
  • A47-020 Everything On Right Hand Shoulder /Mc Up

Traffic Hazard SR-17 North At Camden Ave San Jose #1 lane

  • #1 Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-17 South At Bear Creek Road San Jose party advises its on bridge

  • H70 Visual - Parties On Shoulder Of Oc - Flags Mounted To Chain Link Fence Of Over Crossing
  • Party Advises Its A Road Distration
  • Party Advises Its On Bridge

Traffic Hazard SR-17 North At San Jose blocking slow lane

  • Party out of Vehicle
  • Black Sd On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Driver out of Vehicle Sitting Next To Vehicle On Side Of Traffic Possibly Looking At Tire
  • Blocking Slow Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-17 North At Connector San Jose clear plastic bag blocking lane 1

  • Clear Plastic Bag Blocking Lane 1

Traffic Hazard SR-17 South At SR-1 Santa Cruz neg traffic hazard

  • A26-017 Unable To Locate (Cannot Find It) On Any Damage To Center Divider
  • A26-017 Starting Break From Mh
  • Line 7 Vehicle Has Front End Crash Damage
  • Fsp1 Enroute From Park Ave
  • Vehicle Appears Abandoned Vehicle
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From 1124-abandoned Vehicle To Traffic Hazard By Chp
  • Neg Other Vehicles
  • Front End Of Vehicle Crash
  • Neg People Around Vehicle Driver Door Open
  • Vehicle In Center Divider
  • Neg Traffic Hazard
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