CHP Incidents on California SR-23 for Yesterday June 22, 2024

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-23

Car Accident on SR-23 West ofodland with No Known Injuries maroon honda civic vs deer

  • Wanted To Report That There Vehicle Hit A Deer
  • Unknown If Deer Is Traffic Hazard
  • Maroon Honda Civic Vs Deer

Traffic Hazard SR-23 North At US-101 Moorpark ladder in middle lane

  • 77 Lanes Are Clr Enroute To Line 9
  • 77 Runnign A Break
  • Party In White Chev Equinox / Hit Ladder Req 11-10 Will Standby Off Of Jans In Sbux Plot
  • Ladder In Middle Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-23 North At No Tierra Rejada Moorpark orange home depot buckets in slow lane

  • Orange Home Depot Buckets In Slow Lane

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