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CHP Incidents on California SR-24 for Yesterday June 15, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-24

Car Accident on SR-24 East At Gateway Blvd Contra Costa with Ambulance Enroute party was trying to avoid a large piece of metal that was traffic hazard

  • B19-241b 3 Vehicle Accident, Minor Injuries - 682b Will Standby For 180 - Req All Rtrns To The Printer
  • DOT Cc
  • Cancel Sigalert All Lanes Open
  • Tow Truck Copies
  • B19-682b Advise Bay Point Tow Of Line 84
  • B19-682b All Parties And Vehicles Relocated To Wilder Off Eastbound / All Lanes Open
  • Bay Point Tow 925.682.5920 * Flatbed * Toyota Rav4
  • B19-682b Tow Truck For Toyota Rav4 - Flatbed -Ptys Will Be Transported -1022 Aaa
  • [Chp]-per Another Several Vehicles Trying To Pass Using Right Hand Shoulder/ Center Divide Neg View Of Anyone Wrong Way Drving
  • All Bay Cities Tow * 925.685.0860 ** Nissan Rge
  • Telephone American Tow - They Adv Their Business Has Closed As Of Yesterday And They Already Notified The Tow Officer - Should Have Been Taken Off The Rotation
  • B19-241b Tow Truck - Nissan Rge - Rear End Damage
  • Issue Sigalert Eastbound Sr-24 At Wilder. Only Right Lane Open Due To Collision. Unknown Eto, Expect Delays.
  • B19-682b Orinda Pd Is Arrived On Scene As Well Apprs 3 Vehicle Accident, Minor Injuries
  • Aaa - Silver Toyota Rav4 Club Fleet C#12262914
  • B19-682b Vis From Westbound Side Appears Fire Is Arrived On Scene Unknown Agency Arrived On Scene As Well All Traffic Is Stopped
  • DOT Cc
  • Atco Tow And Recovery 800.660.1869 Flatbed
  • B19-682b Start Tow Truck Flatbed
  • Ambulance
  • Blocking #1 Lane
  • Vehicle Not Drivable
  • Blocking Lane 2 And 4
  • Silver Toyota Rav4 Vs Blu Tesla
  • Silver Unknown Suv Vs Blue Tesla Unknown Vs Unknown
  • [Chp]-cctv Blocking 1, 2, And 3
  • 3 Vehicles
  • Coco Fire
  • Blocking
  • Blocking #1/#2 Lanes
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-Unknown Injury To Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route By Chp
  • Per Add Caller - Possibly Injuries / Rolling Ambulance
  • Traffic Hazard In Mult Lanes
  • 3 Vehicles Crashed / Possibly Injuries
  • Metal Object In Roadway
  • Was Rear Ended By 3 Vehicles
  • Party Was Trying To Avoid A Large Piece Of Metal That Was Traffic Hazard

Car Accident on SR-24 West At Pleasant Hill Road Contra Costa with Unknown Injuries black truck on blocking slow line facing side ways

  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-no Injury To Traffic Collision-Unknown Injury By Chp
  • Black Truck On Blocking Slow Line Facing Side Ways

Hit & Run SR-24 West / Pleasant Hill Rd Offramp Contra Costa with No Known Injuries 3 vehicles involved

  • B19-682b 3 Vehicle Hit And Run - Misdemeanor
  • Aaa C#12266704 Club Fleet-wlck Eta 20 Mins White Ford Cmax
  • B19-682b Vehicle Moved To Right Hand Shoulder
  • B19-682b Westbound 24 Just West Of Pleasant Hill Just After Trans
  • B19-682b In Center Divider
  • Per Another Involved White Ford Cmax/ Neg Injin Center Divider
  • Party Advising Husband Just Got Out Of Vehicle
  • Blocking Slow Lane / Unknown Where Other Vehicles Are
  • Party Now Advise Lane 1/2
  • Reporters Vehicle - Black Toyota 4 Runnerr
  • Both In Lane 2
  • Black Suv Vs Lt Col Sedan
  • 3 Vehicles Involved

Traffic Hazard SR-24 West At Pleasant Hill Road Contra Costa mattress slow lane

  • Dotcc
  • A19-682a Foam Matterss To Right Hand Shoulder
  • Neg Associated Vehicles
  • Blocking Exit Lanes
  • In The Middle Of Slow Lane
  • Neg Vehicles Associated
  • Slow Lane
  • Mattress Blocking Slow Lane
  • Mattress Slow Lane
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