CHP Incidents on California SR-242 for Yesterday June 22, 2024

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-242

Report of Fire SR-242 North At Clayton Road Contra Costa grass * right hand shoulder

  • Transfer Fire
  • Grass Fire
  • Per Another - Behind Storage Next To Freeway - Transfered Fire
  • Sag* Caller Discd /Acknowledged Fire
  • Transfered Fire
  • Transfered Fire
  • Ll Fire
  • On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Small Brush Fire
  • Grass * Right Hand Shoulder

Report of Fire SR-242 North At Grant St Contra Costa brush fire right hand shoulder

  • [Chp]-per Cctv - Correct Location Requested Looks Like Southbound 242 To Southbound 680 Jct - It Is Closer To Gregory Lane - Not A Clear View - Thank You
  • Transfered Fire
  • Sees Smoke And Flames
  • Brush Fire Near Above Location Requested Not On Freeway
  • Smoke And Flames
  • Brush Fire Right Hand Shoulder

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