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CHP Incidents on California SR-26 for Yesterday June 16, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-26

Car Accident on SR-26 At N Shelly Stockton with No Known Injuries vehicle spun out

  • Advanced Tow 209-943-5429
  • B62-004 Tow Truck Required Southbound Please
  • Technique 209-464-1800 / Unavail
  • B62-004 Tow Truck Required Please Ford Tkpk 25 Off Roadway 2 Left Side Fts
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-Unknown Injury To Traffic Collision-no Injury
  • B62-004 In Field Just North Of Roadway
  • Believes He Can Drive His Vehicle Home
  • Male Subject Out Of Vehicle Walking Around
  • Vehicle Overturned After Spin Out
  • Vehicle Spun Out

Report of Fire SR-26 Stockton neg parties or vehicles in the area

  • Transfered Stkn Fire
  • Grass Fire
  • Neg Parties Or Vehicles In The Area
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