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CHP Incidents on California SR-299 for Yesterday April 24, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Traffic Alerts on SR-299 yesterday

Car Accident on SR-299 At West ofodhill Redding with Ambulance Enrouteparty out of vehicle / sitting on the side of roadway/ unknown if anyone else still in vehicle

  • Caltrans
  • Performance / Enroute
  • Per Aaa/ Assigning Performance Tow Call #38150
  • CHP Unit 37-55 - b Start Tow Truck Owners Req Aaa
  • CHP Unit 37-602 - Inquire On If Tow Truck Is Needed
  • CHP Unit 37-55 - b One Vehicle On Its Roof
  • CHP Unit B37-055 - b Neg Traffic Hazard
  • Neg Traffic Hazard
  • Male Out Of Vehicle - Appears Injury
  • Chevrolet Pickup Truck Vs Small Sedan - Upside Down
  • Per Another Caller/ Mult Parties Trying To Slow Down Traffic
  • 2 Vehicle Crash
  • Sha Cf For Med
  • Roadway Partially Traffic Hazard
  • Party Out Of Vehicle / Sitting On The Side Of Roadway/ Unknown If Anyone Else Still In Vehicle

Car Accident on SR-299 Redding with Ambulance Enroutevehicle off roadway

  • Shascom
  • Cf
  • Party States Mult Vehicle Stopped In Area Also
  • Unknown If Crash Or Not/ Just Off The Roadway / Partially Down The Enbankment
  • Vehicle Off Roadway

Car Accident on SR-299 East Redding with Ambulance Enroutevehicle over the embankment unknown if abandoned vehicle or not or if this is an old crash

  • CHP Unit 37-55 - Was An Accident, Property Damage In Januart, Take A Report Taken / Just A Traffic Hazard
  • CHP Unit A37-055 - Vehicle Will Be Left For Owner To Make Arrangements To Pickup
  • CHP Unit A37-055 - Old Crash / Mile Marker 50.74 / Black Accura On Its Side / Approx 35ft Off The Roadway
  • Shascom
  • Cal Fire Advised This Is An Old Crash And Will Standby For Chp
  • Sha Cdf
  • Shascom
  • Shascom
  • CHP Unit 37-55 - Copies Theres A Vehicle In The Area, An Old Crash But Will Be Enroute To Check
  • Party Was Passenger In Big Rig And Was Able To See From The Cab Of The Truck
  • No Response The Beginning Of The Passing Lane Between Buzzard Roost And Round Mountain
  • Vehicle Over The Embankment Unknown If Abandoned Vehicle Or Not Or If This Is An Old Crash

Traffic Hazard SR-299 East Humboldttruck with plastic bottles spilling out onto roadway

  • Truck With Plastic Bottles Spilling Out Onto Roadway

Animal Hazard SR-299 At Poker Bar Trinity Riverlarge possible fatality deer in roadway

  • Caltrans
  • Large Possible Fatality Deer In Roadway
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