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CHP Incidents on California SR-330 for Yesterday May 26, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-330

Car Accident on SR-330 North At Highland San Bernardino with Ambulance Enroute open line - male saying help

  • CHP Unit B75-202 - Solo Vehicle Accident, Property Damage Roadway Clear
  • CHP Unit B75-202 - Driver Trans - Family Ntfd On Scene
  • B75-r1 Holding Both Lanes
  • City Tow Advise They Are Going On Scene
  • B75-r1 Requests Eta F /Tow Truck
  • City Tow Copies - 15 Mins Or Less
  • City Tow 909-381-4418
  • 1 Party Has Broken Finger-- Unknown On Other Injuries
  • Red Tesla --- Traffic Hazard In Lanes
  • CHP Unit 75-202 - Copies Requests Tow Truck
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-unknown Injury To Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route By Chp
  • Partially Blocking
  • Fire Enroute
  • Open Line - Male Saying Help

Traffic Hazard SR-330 At Middle Passing Lane Arrowhead broken trans

  • Dons
  • CHP Unit A101-021 - Vehicle Has Been Pulled To Wide Turnout At Mile Marker 37 --- Will See Vehicle When Going Db Gray Ford Epd With Sport Rv Trl Behind With Haz Lts On
  • CHP Unit A101-021 - Vehicle Pulled Into Turnout
  • Dons Auto Has The Call Enroute
  • Aaa So# 16640368 / Dons Auto Hot Call
  • Req Unit To Push Out Of Lanes
  • Single Ub Lane
  • Vehicles Passing Wrong Way
  • Broken Trans

Traffic Hazard SR-330 At 4000 Ft Arrowhead

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