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CHP Incidents on California SR-37 for Yesterday June 15, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-37

Hit & Run SR-37 West / Mare Island Offramp Solano with No Known Injuries victim vehicle white toyota tacoma

  • [Chp]-1020 Walnut Ave X Q St On Right Hand Shoulder
  • [Chp]-vict Exited On Walnut Ave On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Suspect Vehicle Driving On Right Hand Shoulder / To Left Hand Shoulder
  • Suspect Vehicle Is One Vehicle Away In The Back Of Vict Vehicle
  • Victim Vehicle White Toyota Tacoma

Traffic Hazard SR-37 West At Marin yard debri in slow lane

  • Yard Debri In Slow Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-37 West At Harbor Dr Marin lane

  • Dotcc
  • C34-070 Bundle Leaves And Branches To Right Hand Shoulder For DOT
  • Per Duplicate - Camper Shell And Deer Traffic Hazard
  • Yard Debri In Slow Lane
  • Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-37 Marin lane

  • Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-37 Marin 2 females and 3 juvs in vehicle

  • 2 Females And 3 Juvs In Vehicle

Traffic Hazard SR-37 East At Harbor Dr Marin

Assist with Construction SR-37 West At Mare Island Solano

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