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CHP Incidents on California SR-41 for Yesterday April 22, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Traffic Alerts on SR-41 yesterday

Car Accident on SR-41 South At Shields Ave Fresno with Minor Injuriessolo vehicle , lost control and otd

  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance Enroute To Traffic Collision-minor Injury
  • CHP Unit B65-410 - Fire Traffic Hazard In Slow Lane
  • Bulldog 559-486-7038
  • 410 Cps Enroute From Ofc /Start Tow Truck
  • Landed On Right Hand Shoulder And Slow Lane - Sideways
  • Driver Out Of Vehicle
  • Tow Request Cancelled: 1256995
  • Neg Traffic Hazard
  • Ems And Fcf
  • Dk Suv Vs Embankment
  • Gas Leaking Out Of Vehicle
  • Partial Traffic Hazard In Slow Lane
  • Solo Vehicle , Lost Control And Otd

Car Accident on SR-41 South At Shaw Ave W Fresno with Minor Injuries black mitsubishi outlander vs white suv

  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Hit And Run With Injuries To Traffic Collision-minor Injury
  • Bauers Towing 233-9121
  • Romos Towing 559-275-4823
  • CHP Unit A65-410 - m Tow Truck For Mitsubishi Outlander
  • Suspect Vehicle That Caused Crash Lsh Southbound 41 / White Pickup Truck / 16274f2
  • Both Vehicles In Center Divider
  • Neg Traffic Hazard
  • Black Mitsubishi Outlander Vs White Suv

Traffic Hazard SR-41 At Cerro Alto San Luis Obispowalking in middle of roadway

  • Walking In Middle Of Roadway

Traffic Hazard SR-41 South At E Shaw Fresnorefrigerater in slow lane

  • Neg Responding Vehicles Stopped In Area
  • Refrigerater In Slow Lane

Report of Fire SR-41 South At SR-99 Fresnosmall tree on fire in center divider

  • Small Tree On Fire In Center Divider

Traffic Hazard SR-41 South At Bullard Ave Fresnosleeping in the center divide

  • Sleeping In The Center Divide

Traffic Hazard SR-41 North At Van Ness Ave Fresnoon right hand shoulder but she is in lane

  • Occupants Out Of Vehicle Changing Tire
  • On Right Hand Shoulder But She Is In Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-41 North At Belmont Fresnodebrie traffic hazard in #3 lanes

  • Debrie Traffic Hazard In #3 Lanes

Assist with Construction SR-41 At Avenue Madera66-czp2 one way traffic control from ave 15 to state route 145

  • 66-czp2 One Way Traffic Control From Ave 15 To State Route 145

Animal Hazard SR-41 San Luis Obispoinjured or dead deer in both lanes

  • Injured Or Dead Deer In Both Lanes

Assist with Construction SR-41 At Quail Hanford

Assist CT with Maintenance SR-41 North At Excelsior Hanforda68-mzp1 #2 lane closed from grangeville to just north of

  • A68-mzp1 #2 Lane Closed From Grangeville To Just North Of

Assist with Construction SR-41 Madera

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