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CHP Incidents on California SR-55 for Yesterday June 15, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-55

Car Accident on SR-55 North At Macarthur Santa Ana with Ambulance Enroute mc vs. vehicle

  • A86-553 Roadway Clear / F3337722 To Over Crossing Global For Minor - Standby On Right Shoulder W/ Parties Friends For Pa
  • A86-405 Blocking Slow Lane
  • Sta 91 Unable To Locate (Cannot Find It) In Their Area / Sta 44 Fire Department
  • Fire Utl So Far - Still Checking The Area
  • Ambulance Rolled Up On Crash
  • Vehicle On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Bike Traffic Hazard Slow Lane
  • Rider In Slow Lane Lying Down
  • Sta 91 - Enroute
  • Party Didnt See Anything Else - Unknown If Another Vehicle Involved Or If Rider Went Down On His Own
  • Mc Vs. Vehicle

Car Accident on SR-55 North Santa Ana with Unknown Injuries 5 vehicles

  • B86-503 5 Vehicle Accident, Property Damage
  • Hadley Tow Enroute -- Copies Northbound 55 Just South Of 405
  • Aaa - So#501901 Hadley Tow Eta 25
  • B86-503 Req AAA Tow Truck For Silver Toyota Prius W/ Mod Front End - Mem#620004095103465
  • Gw Tow 949-642-1252
  • B86-503 Requests Tow Truck For Black Toyota Prius W/ Mod Front End
  • B86-503 Vehicles On Right Shoulder
  • Involved Parties out of Vehicle
  • Blocking Right Lanes Debris In All Lanes
  • 6 Vehicle Crash Black Tsmr Sd -Vs- Gray Toyota Sd -Vs- Black Toyota Prius -Vs - Black Mercedes Suv
  • Freeway Service Patrol Has Closed Their Incident [240615ocfsp0030]
  • Blocking Slow Lane
  • 5 Vehicles

Car Accident on SR-55 North At Macarthur Santa Ana with No Known Injuries

  • Metro Pro Costa Mesa 714-556-7600 For Owners Req
  • C86-553 Requests Tow Truck Owners Req For Volkswagon Jetta Major Front End Damage Now Springhills Suites Off Mac /Fitch
  • Neg Inj
  • Black Ford Sedan Vs Silver Volkswagon Sd - Both Vehicles In Center Divider

Car Accident on SR-55 South At Chapman Ave E Santa Ana with No Known Injuries

  • 86-553 Roadway Clear
  • Archies 714-771-0911
  • 86-553 Tow Truck For Black Honda Civic On Right Shoulder / Broken Front Axel
  • C86-553 On Scene With Break
  • Per Duplicate: Wood Debris In Southbound 55 Just North Of Chap -- Across 4 Lanes -- Possibly Related To Crash
  • Vehicle Now On Right Shoulder
  • Black Honda Civic Crashed With Something In Middle Lane -- Then Crashed With Right Shoulder Wall

Traffic Hazard SR-55 North Santa Ana bicycle in #2 lane dark small suv in center divider further down

  • Bicycle Blocking #1 Lane Appears To Have Been Hit Mult X
  • Bicycle In #2 Lane Dark Small Suv In Center Divider Further Down

Traffic Hazard SR-55 South At Edinger Santa Ana southbound 55 just south of edinger - wood debrs slow lane

  • Southbound 55 Just South Of Edinger - Wood Debrs Slow Lane

Animal Hazard SR-55 North At To Santa Ana black kitten in center divider - sag

  • Black Kitten In Center Divider - Sag
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