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CHP Incidents on California SR-68 for Yesterday June 20, 2024

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-68

Car Accident on SR-68 At Pasadera Monterey with Minor Injuries 2 vehicles involved

  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route To Traffic Collision-minor Injury By Chp
  • A27-073 1098/ 2 Vehicle Accident, Minor Injuries
  • Carmel 624-3827
  • A27-073 Tow Truck
  • Le Monterey Comm.
  • Traffic Hazard
  • 2 Vehicles Involved

Car Accident on SR-68 At Boots Monterey with No Known Injuries traffic was stopped ,r p was stopped

  • Both Vehicles Are Driveable
  • Other Involved Just Stopped Traffic And Retrieve It
  • Car Part Traffic Hazard
  • Traffic Was Stopped ,R P Was Stopped

Traffic Hazard SR-68 At Monterey male subject on on ramp to southbound sr-1 - going into slow lane

  • A27-012 Subject Will Right Hand Shoulder Exiting Fremont Mty Neg Traffic Hazard Will Make Sure Party Stays out of The Highway
  • Male Subject On On Ramp To Southbound Sr-1 - Going Into Slow Lane

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