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CHP Incidents on California SR-70 for Yesterday June 19, 2024

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-70

Car Accident on SR-70 At Yuba Sutter with Major injury southbound on on ramp to southbound sr-70

  • Lanes Open
  • No Eta Atm.
  • Task Sent To CalTrans For Lane 60
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route To Traffic Collision-major Injury By Chp
  • 43-s1 Via Ll Req CalTrans For Hard Closure At Striplin Recovery Could Take 2-3 Hours
  • Bains Towing And Recovery Line 39
  • C43-001 So Diverting Traffic From Striplin To 99
  • Sanchez Towing 530 822 5523
  • [Chp]-per Sutter Co Another Unknown Vehicle Crashed Into Box Truck / Fire Will Be Extracting The Party
  • CalTrans
  • 43-s1 Per Scanner Additional Tow Truck For Van
  • Baines Towing 530 788 5220
  • 43-s1 Inq If Nxt Tow Truck Can Handle/ If Not Roll Baines
  • Neg Triangled Out Or Hazzards Are Not Turned On On The Crashed Vehicle Either
  • Shoulder Open
  • Additional Caller Advised All Lanes Blocked
  • Scso They Advised They Have Already Started Medical
  • Road Unpassable
  • Driver Trying To Get out of Vehicle
  • Overturned Box Truck
  • Traffic Hazard In All Lanes
  • Southbound On On Ramp To Southbound Sr-70

Car Accident on SR-70 East At Feather River Blvd Yuba Sutter with Major injury 3-4 vehicle crash

  • 6 98 Enroute Log On Scene This Crash Is 4 Vehicle Accident, Major Injuries
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route To Traffic Collision-major Injury
  • Roadway Open
  • Grandma Line 42
  • [Chp]-rhonda Myer 916-541-8282 Ll Advising On Scene Ita In A Brown Toyota Rav Came To Pick Up Js That Were Involved In Crash - She Is Their Grandmother Will Be Enroute To Linda Fire Station To Standby
  • Candf Tow Truck Required 530-633-4516
  • Wap Tow Truck Required 530-743-9203
  • 3rd Tow Truck Required Pick-up Truck Front End Damage
  • Sanchez Tow Truck Required 530-822-5523
  • Per 1 There Are 4 Vehicles Involved
  • Tow Truck Required X2
  • 1 On Scene Fire Blocking #2 At N Beale
  • Per Ycso 4 Patients / Fire On Scene Evaluating / 2 Vehicles Involved
  • Vehicle Is Smoking
  • Ycso For Ambulance
  • 3 Vehicles Totaled
  • All Lanes Traffic Hazard
  • 3-4 Vehicle Crash

Traffic Hazard SR-70 At Laurellen Yuba Sutter out of gas

  • Party Advises In The Center Divide
  • Just North Of New Bridge
  • Traffic Hazard Turn Lane
  • Out Of Gas

Traffic Hazard SR-70 At Cox Oroville table traffic hazard both northbound lanes

  • Neg Vehicles Stopped Ita
  • Table Traffic Hazard Both Northbound Lanes

Traffic Hazard SR-70 Oroville smoke coming from the back

  • Smoke Coming From The Back

Assist CT with Maintenance SR-70 Oroville 43-r3 23093 pv# 1453498 - 1600 hours

  • 43-r3 23093 Pv# 1453498 - 1600 Hours

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