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CHP Incidents on California SR-76 for Yesterday April 22, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Traffic Alerts on SR-76 yesterday

Car Accident on SR-76 At S Mission Oceanside with Unknown Injurieswhite chev mal vs suba brz

  • CHP Unit A92-028 - Roadway Clear Will Be On Thoroughbred Just North Of
  • CHP Unit A92-028 - Blocking #1
  • Blocking Traf
  • White Chev Mal Vs Suba Brz

Car Accident on SR-76 At Pala Del Norte Oceanside with No Known Injuriesparty hit a pole, sounds has been drinking

  • Atandt Will Callbox With Ticket#
  • 92-s8 Via Ll Advises Atandt Pole #699607h Not Down / There Is Damage Have Them Respond Now
  • [Chp]-sandr Tow Ll Advises Fire Department Asking Them To Clear Or Move The Vehicle Asking If They Should Still Standby
  • Sandr Copies To Standy By
  • [Chp]-sandr Tow No Longer Ll / Req A Callback
  • Sandr Tow Advise Only One Vehicle There
  • [Chp]-sandr Tow Is Arrived On Scene Inquire If They Are Wait For Chp To Hook Up The Vehicle
  • Telephone Als Tow X2 No Answer
  • Cdf Is On Scene Major Pole Damage Req 2- Tow Truck Fbs
  • Tow Request Cancelled: 1011467
  • Cdf Sd
  • Additional Caller Adv The Vehicle Is Starting Smoke
  • Party Advises They Are Heading Towards The 15 / Vehicle Is About 1 Mile Just West Of Pala
  • Req An Tow Truck
  • Vehicle Into A Utility Pole
  • Vehicle Went Off Roadway
  • Party Hit A Pole, Sounds Has Been Drinking
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