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CHP Incidents on California SR-79 for Yesterday June 19, 2024

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-79

Car Accident on SR-79 At Dripping Springs Temecula with Unknown Injuries gray 4d pick-up truck airbags deployed vehicle is blocking

  • Cdfr
  • B115-034n Disregard Fire Department Neg Injury Solo Vehicle
  • Black Or Dark Colored Pickup Truck Traffic Hazard
  • Cdf-r
  • [Chp]-Vehicle Is Traffic Hazard / Also Rptd Just East Of Dugan / Will Need Ambulance
  • B115-039 Start Tow Truck If Blocking lanes
  • Solo Vehicle Crash
  • Unknown If Any Other Vehicle Is Involved
  • Gray 4d Pick-up Truck Airbags Deployed Vehicle Is Blocking

Car Accident on SR-79 San Gorgonio Pass with Ambulance Enroute 2 vehicle crash

  • Off Duty Emt Adv There Are Injury -- Air Bags Deployed
  • Both On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Gray Dodge Charger Vs Red F150
  • 2 Vehicle Crash

Traffic Hazard SR-79 San Gorgonio Pass ladder in lanes / in #1 lane

  • Ladder In Lanes / In #1 Lane

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