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CHP Incidents on California SR-86 for Yesterday June 17, 2024

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-86
Car Fire

Car Fire SR-86 El Centro semi on fire 86 northbound just north of usbp traffic hazard

  • Ct632 -- Arrived On Scene
  • Bd-k9 CalTrans Will Maintain Hard Closure Of #2 Lane For A Few Hours Till Everything Is Completed And Picked Up
  • Bd-k9 CalTrans Will Set Up Hard Closure For #2 Lane From Sr-78 For 200 Yards For Clean Up And Road Damage
  • Ct632-3 Arrived On Scene
  • Ashurst Eta Any Min Now
  • Bd-k9 Requests Tow Truck Eta
  • Ashurst With update
  • Bd-k9 Per Fire Should Be Ready In 20-25 Mins For Tow Truck To Pick Up Vehicle
  • Bd-k9 Diverting Traffic Onto #1 Lane
  • Ashurst Tow 760-352-8860
  • J And M Tow Faulted
  • J And M Tow Does Not Have A Low Boy / They Suggested Ashurst Handle
  • Ct632 -- Will Send A Crew To Take Care Of #2 Lane
  • Bd-k9 Tow Truck Can Delay Response However Fire Is Almost Out Should Be Ready To Be Picked Up In Next 45 Mins Or So
  • Bd-k9 Task Bd-k9 Ct11,ctc CalTrans They Will Need To Respond To Inspect The Roadway Once Fire Is Done Will Also Need Cones To Cone Off The #2 Temporarily
  • Bd-k9 Tow Truck O/r Tractor Is Complete Burn Significant Damage To Trailer Trailer Will Not Be Able To Be Towed They Will Need To Make Arrangements To Pick Up Both
  • [Chp]-Please Adv If There Is Any Damage To Pavement From Big Rig Fire When Unit Has A Chance; Its A Required Notification To CalTrans Supv / Thx!
  • Icso With update
  • Bd-k9 On Scene Northbound Shut Down By Usbp Smoke Traffic Hazard Starting Small Brush Fire In Center Divider
  • Icso For Fire
  • Semi On Fire 86 Northbound Just North Of Usbp Traffic Hazard
Car Fire

Car Fire SR-86 North At 76th Indio big rig carrying gravel

  • Cdf
  • Bp Closing The Road At The Checkpoint For Northbound Traffic
  • Big Rig Carrying Gravel
Traffic Collision No injury

Car Accident on SR-86 South At 81st Indio with No Known Injuries

  • Neg Traffic Hazard
  • Gold Honda Oddysey Vs Gray Toyota Pickup Truck
Provide Traffic Control

Provide Traffic Control SR-86 Indio cal fire working a vegetation fire

  • [Chp]-cal Fire Requests ETA
  • Requests CHP For Traffic Control
  • Cal Fire Working A Vegetation Fire

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