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CHP Incidents on California SR-9 for Yesterday June 15, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-9

Car Accident on SR-9 At Riverdale Santa Cruz with Unknown Injuries party heard crash

  • Netcomm/ Disregard EQUIPMENT
  • White Sd Traffic Hazard Northbound Sr-9
  • [Chp]-Vehicle Traffic Hazard Northbound Sr-9
  • No Longer Traffic Hazard
  • Occup out of Vehicle
  • Traffic Hazard
  • White Vehicle Blocking - Other On Shoulder
  • Driver out of Vehicle
  • Vehicle Crash Gardrail
  • Neg Inj - Parties out of Vehicles Per Involved
  • Gray Toyota Tundra Vs White Nissan 4d
  • Heard Only - But People Yelling
  • Possibly Solo Vehicle Crash
  • Party Heard Crash

Car Accident on SR-9 At Mcgaffigan Mill Santa Cruz with No Known Injuries cal fire law enforcement on scene with victim

  • Cal Fire Felton
  • Auto Care Tow Advise 10 Min Eta
  • Cal Fire Requests ETA From Tow Truck
  • Calfire
  • Auto Care Tow 831-728-0384
  • 26-100 Tow Truck
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Hit And Run No Injuries To Traffic Collision-no Injury By Chp
  • Possibly Vs Guard Rail
  • Requests Tow Truck
  • Cal Fire Law Enforcement On Scene With Victim

Car Accident on SR-9 Santa Cruz with No Known Injuries

  • Auto Care 831-728-0384 At 10:26eta 30mins
  • Tow Request Cancelled: 917338
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-unknown Injury To Traffic Collision-no Injury
  • CHP Unit 26-15 - Copies Log / Start Tow Truck
  • [Chp]-netcom * 1182, Traffic Hazard Northbound Lane
  • Subjects Were Getting Out Of Vehicle
  • Northbound Lane Blocked
  • Hit Red Toyota Or Chevrolet
  • Traffic Hazard Northbound Sr-9
  • Possibly T-bone Crash
  • Maroon Chev Volt Vs Silver Toyota Tacoma

Traffic Hazard SR-9 At Lakeview Santa Cruz vehicle on a blind curve traffic hazard

  • Vehicle Occupied
  • Unknown If Crash Or Stalled
  • Vehicle On A Blind Curve Traffic Hazard
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