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CHP Incidents on California SR-98 for Yesterday June 12, 2024

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Report of Fire SR-98 At Barbara Worth El Centro hay bales on fire

  • Hay Stacks On Fire
  • B85-005 The Fire Is Spreading Northbound To Other Haystacks And I Talked To Fire The Ycontyacted The Owner, Theyll Send Someone With Hay Squeeze To Try And Save Haystacks Before They Burn, Neg Roadclosures If Anything Changes Theyll Let Us Know
  • B85-005 Haystack Fire Appears To Be About 40 Yards Over 100 Ft North Of 98 Not Affectingtraffic On The 98 Ill Talk To Fire And Advise Further
  • Reporting Fire
  • Also Reported Close To Cole
  • Reporting Haystacks On Fire
  • Transfered Fire
  • Close To The Hwy
  • Hay Bales On Fire
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