CHP Incident Reports By Date

Here you can browse an archive of all CHP incidents for any given date since September, 17th 2019.

Using the Archive

The archive is very basic and thus not terribly user-friendly. Each incident has a unique CHP ID which can help narrow your search.

CHP Incident ID's are structured as follows:


Where the values are as follows:

Two letter code values:

Using the archive:

  1. Enter a date in the field below
  2. Click View Archive

Each archive page contains a column(s) of CHP indcident ID links, one for each CHP incident throughout the day. Each link is an incident ID which you can use to help narrow your search. ex 200922BC00009

The 2 alpha characters in the middle of the incident ID (ex 191028BC01336) indicates which CHP dispatch center or communications center (BC, BG, GG etc.) which will help you narrow down the set of incidents where you may find what you're looking for. You can find a list of CHP dispatch centers here. If you hover your mouse over the links on the dispatch page you can see a link like this:

The last 4 characters "FRCC" (above) are what you're interested in. The first two characters are used in the ID of the incident so for example this incident is from the Fresno dispatch:

Dispatch centers and communications centers are different and the latter don't have these sorts of links but are fairly guessable like CHP Border Communications Center is "BC" like in the example above.

I believe the incidents within a dispatch center increase with time so the further down the page are later in the day _within a group_.

Good luck!