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CHP Traffic Incidents on SR-43 for Today, June 12, 2024 in California

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-43
Car Fire Eastbound just East of - Visalia in District 6

Car Fire SR-43 Visalia party smells smoke from vehicle

  • Double D Towing 559-752-4841
  • A67-095 Tow Truck / Total Burn / Tires Neg Intact
  • Tot Crash Fire
  • Vehicle Is Burning Now
  • Vehicle On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Party Smells Smoke From Vehicle

Car Accident on SR-43 At I-5 Buttonwillow with Unknown Injuries vehicle went off roadway near overpass

  • Neg Vehicle Description
  • Vehicle Went Off Roadway Near Overpass

Car Accident on SR-43 At 8th Hanford with No Known Injuries hsr vehicle involved

  • Neg Traffic Hazard
  • White Ford F15 Vs Black Nissan Alt
  • 2 Vehicle Sinvld
  • Hsr Vehicle Involved
Report of Fire  - Buttonwillow in District 6

Report of Fire SR-43 At I-5 Buttonwillow brush fire not affecting traffic

  • Transfered To Fire
  • Brush Fire
  • Brush Fire Not Affecting Traffic

Report of Fire SR-43 At Buttonwillow brush fire on right hand shoulder

  • Fire Dept Will Let Fire Burn While Remaining Arrived On Scene To Monitor / Smoke Is Not Affecting 5 Or 43
  • 43 On Ramp To Northbound 5 Is Closed
  • Ecc Adv Fire Almost Arrived On Scene
  • Gray Pickup Truck Traffic Hazard In Lanes Of On Ramp
  • Brush Fire On Right Hand Shoulder
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