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CHP Incidents on California I-680 for Yesterday April 20, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Traffic Alerts on I-680 yesterday

Car Accident on I-680 South At Marshview Road Solano with Ambulance Enroute black ford rander center divide

  • Gibbs Tow Service 707-552-0414
  • Ll Tow Truck
  • CHP Unit 22-83 - Disregard Aaa Start Tow Truck
  • Aaa Eta As Of 5 Ago Delayed 40-90 Mins
  • CHP Unit C22-083 - Inq Eta From Aaa
  • Aaa Eta 20-35 Min
  • CHP Unit C22-083 - Req Aaa Eta
  • Aaa, C#40109 Club Fleet Frfd
  • CHP Unit 22-83 - Tow Truck Is Aaa
  • Gibbs Tow Service 707-552-0414
  • CHP Unit C22-083 - Tow Truck Green Ford
  • CHP Unit C22-077 - All Lanes Open Solo Vehicle Accident, Property Damage
  • CHP Unit C22-077 - Lane #2 Blocking
  • CHP Unit C22-083 - 1 Vehicle Facing Wrong Way On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Vs Silver Honda Accord Wrong Way Traffic Hazard Unknown Lane
  • Black Ford Rander Center Divide

Car Fire I-680 South At SR-262 Dublinon right hand shoulder

  • CHP Unit A118-064 - On Scene - Neg Fire
  • Acrecc Fire
  • Saw Flames From Under Vehicle
  • On Right Hand Shoulder

Wrong Way Driver I-680 South At San Josenorthbound in southbound lane

  • Vehicle May Have Stopped - Party No Longer Sees Vehicle
  • Female Driver Driving Very Close To The Steering Wheel
  • Dark Suv With Flashers On - Going Wrong Way In Center Divider
  • Northbound In Southbound Lane
  • Blocking All Lanes
  • Neg Vehicle Description
  • 2 Vehicle Crash

Car Accident on I-680 North At Monument Blvd Contra Costa with Unknown Injuriesblack chev tah vs truck

  • CHP Unit B19-683 - b Roadway Is Clear - 2 Vehicle Hit And Run - Misdemeanor Neg 180
  • Ace Sierra Tow - Copies Fb On Exp - 925.680.5501
  • CHP Unit B19-683 - b Vehicle Partially Blocking Lane 1 - Flatbed Tow Truck On Exp
  • Per 25-s3 Blocking Lane 1
  • Vehicles In Center Divider
  • Blue Suv Vs 2 Unknown Vehicles
  • Vs Center Divide
  • Both In Center Divider
  • Black Chev Tah Vs Truck

Car Accident on I-680 North At Sheridan Road Dublin with No Known Injuries gray tesla y vs white chevrolet suv

  • 64 - Arrived On Scene Northbound Just South Of
  • Both Right Hand Shoulder
  • Gray Tesla Y Vs White Chevrolet Suv

Car Accident on I-680 North At Andrade Road Dublin with No Known Injuries blue toyota prius vs black bmw

  • 64 - Party Feels Safe Standby For Tow
  • Jack James 510-581-1950
  • 64 - Requests Tow Truck
  • In Rv Gp
  • Blue Toyota Prius Vs Black Bmw

Hit & Run I-680 South / Treat Blvd Offramp Contra Costa with No Known Injuriesvictim vehicle -ong kia forte

  • CHP Unit A19-682 - a Arrived On Scene
  • Victim - Right Hand Shoulder -Drivable -Declined Ambulance
  • Victim Vehicle -Ong Kia Forte

Car Accident on I-680 North Dublin with No Known Injuriessolo vehicle multiple occupants

  • CHP Unit C118-052 - All Vehicles To Right Hand Shoulder
  • CHP Unit C118-052 - Req Unit To Run Break
  • CHP Unit C118-052 - Parties In Center Divider
  • CHP Unit C118-052 - Parties On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Associated Vehicle Honda Civic
  • Solo Vehicle Multiple Occupants

Traffic Break I-680 North At Contra Costa Contra Costarequests chp for break

  • Cal Trans -Cb Looking For An Eta -Cpys Enroute
  • CHP Unit B19-241 - b Break From Southbound 680 Just North Of N Main
  • Requests Chp For Break

Traffic Hazard I-680 North At E Capitol Expy San Josechp unit 4-5 - in pothole in lane 3

  • Dotcc
  • CHP Unit 4-5 - In Pothole In Lane 3

Traffic Hazard I-680 North At S King Road San Josesheet metal in 3-4 lanes

  • Neg Responding Vehicle
  • Sheet Metal In 3-4 Lanes

Traffic Hazard I-680 North At Pacheco Blvd Contra Costabedliner in #1

  • Neg Responding Vehicle Seen
  • Neg Responding Vehicle
  • Bedliner In #1

Traffic Hazard I-680 North At Scott Creek Road Dublintire tread / slow lane

  • CHP Unit 118-64 - Moved To Right Hand Shoulder 98
  • Tire Tread / Slow Lane

Report of Fire I-680 North At Willow Pass Road Contra Costabrush fire

  • Transfered Coco Fire
  • Xdfr Coco Fire / Already Aware And Enroute
  • Tree On Fire Near Veranda
  • Transfered Fire
  • Transfered Coco Fire
  • Holding Coco Fire
  • Rptg Fire
  • Transfered Fire
  • Transfer To Coco Fire
  • Fire In Bushes - Right Hand Shoulder - Can See Flames
  • Transfered Fire
  • Fire
  • Tree On Fire Right Hand Shoulder
  • On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Brush Fire

Traffic Hazard I-680 North At Contra Costatrash bag #3

  • Bridge Info Only - Will Pick Up Once Moved
  • Ll With Brdg
  • At Very End Of Brdg
  • Trash Bag #3

Traffic Hazard I-680 South At N Main St Contra Costametal ladder in #3 lane

  • Neg Responding Vehicle
  • Lane 2/3
  • Neg Responding Vehicle Seen
  • Ladder - Blocking 3 Lane
  • Metal Ladder In #3 Lane

Traffic Hazard I-680 South At Pacheco Blvd Contra Costacrash into gardening tool / unknown if still traffic hazard

  • Secondary Location For B19-682b: 1500 Lexington Rd In Concord,
  • Secondary Location For B19-683b: 1500 Lexington Rd In Concord,
  • CHP Unit B19-683 - b Party Was Able To Get The Responsible Plate Of The Vehicle - Enroute To The Address For Fup
  • Fire
  • Fire Inq If Its Leaking Gas
  • Ll Fire
  • 683b Inquire With Fire
  • CHP Unit B19-683 - b Arrived On Scene Puncture Gas Tan With Small Tank - Aaa Wont Touch It Unless Fire Clears It
  • Aaa C# 34638 Club Fleet Walnit Creek
  • Tool Hit Gas Tank - Vehicle Is Now Leaking Gas
  • Party On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Crash Into Gardening Tool / Unknown If Still Traffic Hazard

Traffic Hazard I-680 South At Alcosta Blvd Dublinbrake drum in #1

  • Dotcc
  • Neg Responding Vehicle
  • Brake Drum In #1

Traffic Hazard I-680 North At Contra Costa Contra Costalarge pot hole - blocking 3 lane

  • Dotcc
  • CHP Unit A19-682 - a Multiple Pot Holes In Lane 3 And 4 From Treat To Ccb
  • Large Pot Hole - Blocking 3 Lane

Traffic Hazard I-680 North At I-80 Solanogreen semi truck

  • CHP Unit A21-001 - Followed Traffic Hazard To Transfer Station Neg Debris Plt1 52388r2
  • Green Semi Truck

Traffic Hazard I-680 North At Sunol Dublingarbage can #2

  • Possibly Associated Vehicle White Pickup Truck On Right Hand Shoulder
  • White Box Truck Pulled To Right Hand Shoulder Furhter Northbound
  • Garbage Can Blocking Lane 2
  • Garbage Can #2

Traffic Hazard I-680 South At S King Road San Joseunknown color mc - center divider

  • Unknown Color Mc - Center Divider

Assist with Construction I-680 South At Alcosta Blvd Dublin

Assist with Construction I-680 South At Bernal Ave Dublin

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