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CHP Incidents on California SR-129 for Yesterday May 26, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-129

Traffic Hazard SR-129 Santa Cruz traffic hazard northbound lane , no associated vehicles

  • Netcom
  • CHP Unit B26-030 - On Blind Corner Both Lanes Shut Down
  • CHP Unit B26-030 - Arrived On Scene Closer To 98 Murphy Rd
  • Netcom For Cords
  • Traffic Hazard Northbound Lane , No Associated Vehicles

Traffic Hazard SR-129 At Hollister Gilroy causing a lot of traffic and near crashes

  • Per Party 3 On Right Hand Shoulder And 2 Further South Closer To 101
  • Causing A Lot Of Traffic And Near Crashes
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