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CHP Incidents on California SR-38 for Yesterday June 18, 2024

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CHP Traffic Accidents & Alerts on SR-38
Traffic Collision Ambulance Enroute

Car Accident on SR-38 At Zaca Arrowhead with Ambulance Enroute vehicle vs donkey

  • [Chp]-a Performance Adv They Will Be Going Off Sbsos Rot For This Call - Vehicle Taken At Owners Req - Req To Be Put Back On Top
  • * Comm Cntr Advises Vehicle Has Major To Mod Damage And 1 Minor Injury - Unknown If Transporting
  • Per A Performance Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office Already Called Them For Tow Truck A Performance Will Have Driver Speak With Officer On Scene To Determine Who Will Handle A Performance Cps
  • A Performance Tow -------- 909-878-0655
  • Sbcc Ll Req 1 Tow Truck Sedan Rolling Now
  • Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office
  • Good Sam On Scene / Trying To Get Rp Out Of Vehicle
  • Sbcomm
  • Per Duplicate -- Unknown Vehicle Hit A Pack Of Donkeys
  • Party Cant Get Out Vehicle
  • Party Advises Vehicle Not Driveable
  • Party In Silver Suba Out Vs Multi Donkey
  • 3 Donkeys Hit
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-Unknown Injury To Traffic Collision Ambulance En Route By Chp
  • Vehicle Has Flashers On
  • Sees People out of Vehicle
  • Vehicle Vs Donkey

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