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CHP Incidents on California SR-92 for Yesterday April 23, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Traffic Alerts on SR-92 yesterday

Traffic Hazard SR-92 West At Redwood Citytrash can in right lane

  • DOT Cc
  • CHP Unit B91-035 - t Debri To Center Divider For DOT At Conv
  • Trash Can In Right Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-92 West At Toll Plaza Redwood Citywhite sd / blocking 1 lane

  • Bridge Is On Scene Checking The Area Now - Disp Confing With Their Driver Now
  • Bridge
  • Ll Bridge
  • Driver Out Of Vehicle
  • White Sd / Blocking 1 Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-92 Redwood City

Traffic Hazard SR-92 East At Haywardsmall sd part blocking right lane

  • Small Sd Part Blocking Right Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-92 At SR-92 Hayward#3

  • #3

Assist CT with Maintenance SR-92 Redwood City

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