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In The Northern California Area

1-Way controlled traffic from 0.5 mi east to 0.9 mi east of Hawkins Bar (Trinity Co) 24 hrs a day 7 days a week - Due to slide removal - Motorists are subject to delays of up to 15 minutes
NOT FOR EMERGENCY USE. In an emergency visit official CalTrans website. Data provided by CalTrans

Road Weather Information

Buckhorn (Lewiston) Trinity
2646 ft Elevation
Time: 2023-06-01 05:54:14
Average Wind Speed: 0.00 mph North
Max Wind Gust Speed: 0.00 mph
Visibility: Not reported.
Web Bulb Temperature: 46.2F
Max. Temperature: 81F
Min. Temperature: 47.8F
Dew Point: 43.9F
Precipitation: Slight (unidentified)
Relative Humidity: 83%
Hatchet Mtn (Burney) Shasta
4366 ft Elevation
Time: 2023-06-01 06:05:07
Average Wind Speed: 1.57 mph Southeast
Max Wind Gust Speed: 1.79 mph
Visibility: Not reported.
Web Bulb Temperature: 44.8F
Max. Temperature: 69.3F
Min. Temperature: 45F
Dew Point: 43.7F
Precipitation: Slight (unidentified)
Relative Humidity: 92%
Oregon Mtn (Weaverville) Trinity
2775 ft Elevation
Time: 2023-06-01 06:03:02
Average Wind Speed: 4.25 mph West
Max Wind Gust Speed: 5.14 mph
Visibility: 0.1 mi.
Web Bulb Temperature: 43.9F
Max. Temperature: 79.7F
Min. Temperature: 47.3F
Dew Point: 39.4F
Precipitation: Slight (unidentified)
Relative Humidity: 71%

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