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CHP Incidents on California SR-12 for Yesterday June 15, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Alerts on SR-12

Car Accident on SR-12 At Scally Solano with Unknown Injuries 3 vehicle crash

  • A22-084 Vin Is A Match / Tow Truck For C
  • A22-083 Arrived On Scene
  • Solso Ambulance Code 2 (Respond Quickly)
  • Vacaville Tow 800-400-6340 Honda Crv
  • A22-084 Arrived On Scene
  • 22-s7 Tow Truck For A Honda Crv
  • 22-s7 Arrived On Scene
  • Per Involved In Blue Honda / Appears Neg Injuries In All Vehicles
  • All Vehicles On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Neg Injuries In Blue Honda
  • Blue Honda Suv Vs Sil Suv Vs Silver Toyota Pickup Truck
  • One Vehicle Leaking Fluid
  • All On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Gray Cadi Xt5 Vs Silver Honda Crv Vs Silver Toyota Tacoma
  • 3 Vehicle Crash

Car Accident on SR-12 Napa with Unknown Injuries


Report of Fire SR-12 At Madrone Napa smoke / neg flames

  • Smoke / Neg Flames

Traffic Hazard SR-12 At Merced Santa Rosa unfolded blu tarp in eastbound lane

  • Neg Associated Vehicle
  • Unfolded Blu Tarp In Eastbound Lane

Assist with Construction SR-12 East At Fulton


Defective Traffic Signals SR-12 South Sac traffic light is out before bridge

  • Traffic Light Is Out Before Bridge

Traffic Hazard SR-12 At Central Hill San Andreas lost two large bags now traffic hazard in the lanes

  • Traffic Stopped Now
  • Gray Toyota Was Reckless Driver Speeding 80 + Passing Vehicles And The Cans Flew Out Of Thevhe
  • Female out of The Vehicle Picking Up The Cans That Fell out of The Bed
  • Bags Did Hit An Unknown Vehicle That Continued On
  • Lost Two Large Bags Now Traffic Hazard In The lanes
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