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CHP Incidents on California SR-1 for Yesterday April 23, 2024

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CHP Traffic Incidents, Accidents & Traffic Alerts on SR-1 yesterday

Car Accident on SR-1 West Valley with Ambulance Enroutesolo vehicle - gray chev slv blocking lanes / debri in lanes

  • Cola-- Please Roll Lacords With Sweeper -- Flat Nails From Tools Box In Lanes -- Please Advise Eta
  • Heavy Fog
  • [Chp]-acknowledged West Hills Eta 25-30 818.884.0068
  • Cola -- Please Roll Tow Truck For Pickup Truck With Broken Front Axel
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-unknown Injury To Traffic Collision Ambulance Enroute By Chp
  • CHP Unit 56-10 - Copies 101/park Way Eta Abt 15 Mins
  • Solo Vehicle - Gray Chev Slv Blocking Lanes / Debri In Lanes

Hit and Run With Injuries SR-1 North At Imjin Montereydark gry or black hd chopper 23u5117

  • 22a / 2 Vehicle Hit And Run - Felony
  • 22a / On Scene At Tow Yard
  • 22a / Following Tow Truck To Yard
  • 74a/ Tow Truck On Scene
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Hit And Run No Injuries To Hit And Run With Injuries By Chp
  • Auto Care / Evidence Tow / Motorcycle
  • Back On Top / Disregarded Ca Tow
  • Ca Tow / 1022g Back On Top
  • 22a / Will Be Evidence Tow
  • Ca Tow 831-424-8615 / Motorcycle
  • 22a / Tow Truck For Mc
  • CHP Unit 27-22 - Arrived On Scene Suspect Vehicle In Front Of Central Coast Credit Union Mc Abandoned Vehicle , Req 74 98 With Victim And 98 At 27-22 Location Requested
  • Monterey Comm. With Bol Info
  • Dark Gry Or Black Hd Chopper 23u5117

Car Accident on SR-1 North Santa Cruz with Minor Injuries gray toyota corolla 4d traffic hazard both lanes

  • [Chp] Has Closed Their Incident [240423my0021]
  • CHP Unit 26-250 - Will Telephone Er Nurse Luke At Dom
  • CHP Unit 26-250 - Roadway Clear , Vehicle In Tow , 2 Vehicle Accident, Minor Injuries
  • CHP Unit 26-250 - Opening The #1 Lane
  • 26-s4 For Info Northbound Lane Completely Blocked Traff Exiting At Park , Ramping Back On The Onramp For The Detour
  • CHP Unit 26-250 - a Arrived On Scene
  • 26-s4 Arrived On Scene
  • CHP Unit 26-250 - With Eta For Tow Trucks , ,
  • Gonzales Tow Advise Driver Just Went By Park
  • Auto Care With Updateeta With In 20 Mins
  • Line 32: DOT Perkins
  • 26-s4 Inq With Unit On Scene If We Need To Turn Traff Around , S4 Has Break , In Place , 26-250 Copies Inq Eta On Tow Trucks
  • Caltrans
  • Gonzales Tow With Update
  • CHP Unit 26-100 - Have Tow Truck Enter Northbound Sr-1 From Park Ave, Enter Wrong Way Traff Stopped,, Info For Both Tow Trucks
  • Info For Caltrans: Northbound Center Divide At The Oc Was Hit, Scrapes To Concrete Over Park Ave
  • Auto Care Tow With Heavy Duty 831-728-0384
  • 250 Additional Tow Truck Req: Heavy Duty For 3 Axle Dump Truck With 15 Tons Of Asphalt, Rear Tire Is Broken
  • Gonzalez Tow With Info Line 21
  • Vehicle Has Major Front End Damage , Is On All 4 Wheels Per 26-250
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance Enroute To Traffic Collision-minor Injury By Chp
  • 250 Solo Vehicle Accident, Minor Injuries
  • Gonzalez Tow 831-274-4106
  • Per 26-250 Both Lanes Blocked
  • CHP Unit 26-300 - Tow Truck
  • Equipment Enroute At Lane 1
  • Party In A Black F150 Standing By Safely On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Gray Toyota Corolla 4d Traffic Hazard Both Lanes

Car Accident on SR-1 North At SR-218 Monterey with No Known Injuriesvehicle vs deer,rp contin on

  • Reference Lane 3: Unknown If Deer Traffic Hazard
  • Deer Possibly Ran To Right Hand Shoulder
  • Party Was In Slow Lane
  • Vehicle Vs Deer,rp Contin On

Car Accident on SR-1 At Jalama Buellton with No Known Injuries[chp]-problem changed from traffic collision-no injury to traffic collision ambulance enroute by chp

  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision Ambulance Enroute To Traffic Collision-no Injury By Chp
  • Smittys Towing Lompoc 805-736-1166
  • CHP Unit A3-055 - Tow Truck For Blu Sedan On Its Side - Will Need Wrecker
  • [Chp]-problem Changed From Traffic Collision-no Injury To Traffic Collision Ambulance Enroute By Chp

Traffic Hazard SR-1 At Linda Mar San Francisco black porche / traffic hazard

  • CHP Unit A32-021 - Moving Off To Linda Maroon / Roadway Clear
  • CHP Unit A32-021 - Tow Truck On Scene
  • CHP Unit A32-021 - Police Departement Started Tow Truck Off Their Rotation / Unit Standby
  • Aaa Enroute / Unknown Eta
  • Black Porche / Traffic Hazard

Report of Fire SR-1 South At Manor Dr San Franciscosmso fire with southbound just north of manor

  • Smso Fire With Southbound Just North Of Manor

Report of Fire SR-1 South At Connector San Franciscosmoke seen on right hand shoulder

  • Per Duplicate Log Close To Manor
  • Lot Of Smoke
  • Tree On Fire On West Side Of Roadway
  • Smso Fire With Southbound Just North Of Manor
  • Transfered Fire
  • Can See Smoke And Flames
  • Road Flare Knocked Over Onto Right Hand Shoulder Tree Starting To Catch On Fire
  • Incident 240423gg0666 Was Reopened. Comment: Incident Reopened : Fire Has Call/ Near Top Of The Hill
  • Transfered Fire
  • Smoke Seen On Right Hand Shoulder

Traffic Hazard SR-1 At Loring Marinblack semi truck- unknown plate, having difficulty making turns and driving slow

  • Black Semi Truck- Unknown Plate, Having Difficulty Making Turns And Driving Slow

Traffic Break SR-1 North At Mar Santa Cruzreq unit 98 at the top of th ramp

  • CHP Unit A26-030 - Northbound Lanes Open , Southbound Still Closed Until They Move Tree Out Of The Way
  • CHP Unit A26-030 - Starting Break Northbound At Maroon Monte DOT Dropping A Tree Down In The Southbound Lane Will Be Pushing It To The Side
  • Req Unit 98 At The Top Of Th Ramp

Report of Fire SR-1 North Bay Area


Assist with Construction SR-1 At Heathercliff West Valley

Traffic Hazard SR-1 South At Salinas Montereyblack trash bag traffic hazard in the lane

  • Black Trash Bag Traffic Hazard In The Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-1 North At 41st Santa Cruzmale trying to cross over traffic lanes

  • No Associated Vehicles
  • Male Trying To Cross Over Traffic Lanes

Traffic Hazard SR-1 At At Aguajito Montereylarge box on offramp

  • Lots Of Other Peices Of Foam And Packing Material Near The Offramp
  • No Associated Vehicles
  • Large Box On Offramp

Traffic Hazard SR-1 South At Imjin Montereytraffic hazard #1

  • Possibly Responding White Pick-up Truck Truck On Right Hand Shoulder Just South Of Of Item
  • Traffic Hazard #1

Traffic Hazard SR-1 At At Mar Monte Santa Cruzseveral buckets in the back similar to the traffic hazard

  • Caltrans
  • CHP Unit 26-31 - Running Traffic Break F/buena Vista
  • CHP Unit 26-31 - Enroute Will Run A Break Northbound At Maroon Monte
  • Vehicles Swerving
  • Several Buckets In The Back Similar To The Traffic Hazard

Traffic Hazard SR-1 At At Del Monte Montereyno responding vehicles stopped in the area

  • No Responding Vehicles Stopped In The Area

Traffic Hazard SR-1 South At Casa Montereyno associated vehicles

  • Ladder In The Middle Lane
  • Between Both Lanes
  • No Associated Vehicles

Traffic Hazard SR-1 South At SR-68 Montereylandscaping truck lost garbage bin in right lane

  • And Truck Is In Center Divider Pulled Over
  • Landscaping Truck Lost Garbage Bin In Right Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-1 North Montereyuncovered - losing debris

  • CHP Unit A27-074 - Called Company Told Driver To Cover Load And Will Continue To Check For Traffic Hazard
  • Party Advises Debris Hit Vehicle - Unknown If Damage- Neg Report At This Time
  • Uncovered - Losing Debris

Traffic Hazard SR-1 At Wilder Ranch State Santa Cruzwood in the northbound lane

  • Wood In The Northbound Lane

Traffic Hazard SR-1 South At 41st Santa Cruzbetween both lanes

  • Callbox -- Party Was Rpting The Surf Board In #2 Lane
  • CHP Unit 26-21 - In The Area Will Start Break Southbound At Soquel
  • Another Rp Advise A Surboard In The Slow Lane
  • [Chp]-duplicate Log Advise Nr Bay Porter Offramp
  • CHP Unit 26-20 - Copies From Ofc
  • [Chp]-per Duplicate Possibly A Surf Board In A Bag --- Traffic Hazard #2 Lane
  • Fsp1 ---- Enroute From Northbound At Park -- Drove By Earlier And Didnt See Anything
  • No Associated Vehicles
  • Between Both Lanes

Traffic Hazard SR-1 South Santa Cruzwhite truck, possibly a county vehicle

  • Possibly A Trash Vehicle Or Commercial Truck
  • Now Trash Bags Traffic Hazard
  • White Truck, Possibly A County Vehicle

Traffic Hazard SR-1 South At Salinas Montereybumper traffic hazard in lane

  • No Associated Vehicles
  • Bumper Traffic Hazard In Lane

Report of Fire SR-1 North At Coast Road Montereyper los padres the location is 1/2 mile just south of bixby bridge and 1 mile inland from sr-1

  • Per Los Padres The Location Is 1/2 Mile Just South Of Bixby Bridge And 1 Mile Inland From Sr-1

Assist with Construction SR-1 North Santa Cruzz49 and z46 both in same vehicle as z49 til 0600 hours

  • Z49 And Z46 Both In Same Vehicle As Z49 Til 0600 Hours

Report of Fire SR-1 Venturasees fire in field

  • Per Additional - Southbound Rice Curved Offramp To Pleasant Valley
  • Black Smoke Possibly Car
  • Possibly Farm Equipment On Fire
  • Near On Ramp
  • Sees Fire In Field

Traffic Hazard SR-1 At Valley San Luis Obispobranch traffic hazard northbound lane

  • Branch Traffic Hazard Northbound Lane

Report of Fire SR-1 North At South Bay Blvd San Luis Obispohouse on fire / vis from sr-1

  • House On Fire / Vis From Sr-1

Traffic Hazard SR-1 South At Santa Lucia Canyon Road Buelltonwalking southbound in southbound lane at times

  • Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office On Precaution
  • [Chp]-additional Rp Ll Advising Party Is Now Laying Down On Right Hand Shoulder
  • Walking Southbound In Southbound Lane At Times

Live or Dead Animal SR-1 At Oso Flaco Lake San Luis Obispoparty advises injury coyote is on right hand shoulder

  • Party Advises Injury Coyote Is On Right Hand Shoulder

Animal Hazard SR-1 Alturas30 cows in the roadway all black

  • 30 Cows In The Roadway All Black

Live or Dead Animal SR-1 At Ardath Templetoninjury deer on right hand shoulder

  • Injury Deer On Right Hand Shoulder
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